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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

We are a class of 28 wonderful pupils!

Our class teachers are Mr Phillips and Mrs Kingsnorth and we are supported supported by Mrs Silvester every morning and also on Tuesday afternoons. 


Nathan  has written a poem about Equality and Diversity. Have a read – the message is so important.


We are all the same in every way

We all try to be happy every day

We all like different things such as food and drink

Even though we have different skin we are all equal

In every way - that’s what makes us special.

Congratulations to our Pool Girls Football Team and especially to our "Go for it girls" in Year 5 - Una and Martha.

Congratulations to our Pool Girls Football Team and especially to our "Go for it girls" in Year 5 - Una and Martha.  1



5th May

Here are some more incredible examples of the written work from Year 5. These descriptions  really capture the reader's attention and certainly left me wanting to know more! Mrs Kingsnorth.


Waiting for her prey, her long, spiky tail flipped and flopped in the wild wind.(Beatrice)


His eyes gave fright to all and his claws hung down like trees and dug into the ground, making the earth tremble.(Hannah)


Spinning around on a mission to find his tail, the troll growled fiercely. (Freddie)


He sat down on a wet, soggy log and his nose twutched in the breeze of the night. (Ellie)


Unsurprisingly,after you devour souls like he does, weight is inevitable. (Fred)


Running towards the cliff, as fast as a motorbike, the boy saw a mirror hanging from a tree. (Ashton) 


Here are some of the fabulous sentences written by Year 5 pupils last week. We used expanded noun phrases and also sometimes included extra information for the reader by using a sub - ordinate or an embedded clause.There were so many fabulous sentences  - it was hard to choose which ones to include. Watch out for more next week!


The leafy trees shielded the knight from the blinding sun. (Kyle)


Laughing loudly, the blacksmith's scarred eyes lit up when the knight, who had gold encrusted armour, asked the old man to fix his mini, sacred sword. ((Jack H)


Bending down, the old man felt the pain in his back,as he sat and brushed the sweat from his wizened face (Will B).  


Newly sprouted trees were growing well. (Jack W)


Burning brightly, the roaring fire sent sparks into the air. (Thomas)


The miniature  mouse, which came out of a metal helmet, belonged to a tiny  knight in shining armour. (Martha)


Enchanted embers flooded the room with a crystal clear glow which grew brighter by the minute. (James)


Galahad, the white - horse mouse, hopped out of the rusty helmet, attacking the man's head.(Flora)


Terrified, the mouse jumped out and saw bushy eyebrows curiously staring at him. (Sienna) 


His gaping mouth, which showed crooked teeth, opened as he saw the knight riding his stable mouse!(Nathan)



This week's wonderful poem is written by Will Maughan. Again, lots of rhyming couplets to enjoy!


The Dragon by Will Maughan

The dragon's roar

Is as big as its hoard

It has blazing breath

That is worse than death!

It has really sharp claws

That it uses on boars

And has amazing sight

And it's so fast when it takes flight!

It will chase YOU

All the way to the zoo

When it's snowy

It hunts with Joey

That's a dragon's life

Did it give YOU a big fright?


Here is a wonderful poem - full of rhyming couplets and inspired by Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. Well done Oliver. Watch this space for more!


The Fantastic Fox by Oliver Staniforth

Once upon a time a fox lived in his den

Sitting with his cubs that could count to ten

The Mother cuddled them, nice and warm

And had done ever since they were born.

The cubs were in the mood

Where they wanted food

So, in the dark of night

When the farmers had no sight

The chicken pen was sitting there

And the fox gave them the devil’s stare

The fox then jumped over the gate

But he never realized-he just fell for the bait

A big bang with a cloud of dust

The fox was relieved - only his tail was bust!

He scampered quickly away

Glad to see another day.

The fox ran across the field

Wishing he had a shield

Bullets flew across the ground

And the farmer frowned, frowned, frowned.

Fox quickly leapt up a tree

So the farmer let him be

Fox managed to escape safely

But what about his family?

They were fine – the fox had only lost his tail

And after all - this is a happy fairy tale!

Here we are!

Here we are! 1

World Book Day! Here are some of the Year 5 pupils with children from other classes.

World Book Day! Here are some of the Year 5 pupils with children from other classes.  1 Mr Twit's beard looks revolting!

Book Week!

Year 5 have enjoyed lots of different activities including writing and performing their own conversations with a favourite book character and joining other pupils in workshops across school which focused on a range of authors - from Beatrice Potter to Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson to J.K. Rowling and Eric Carle to Jeff Kinney.On Friday Year 5 will make their own rhyming couplet stories (see above) inspired by Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes!  

Amazing Rainforests!

Our new and very exciting topic for this half term is all about rainforests. This will be a topic with a Geography and Science focus but other areas of the curriculum, such as Literacy, Art and even Maths will  also be linked. We are looking forward to lots of enthusiastic learning!  

Spring Term 1 - Our Stone Age day !

Spring Term 1 - Our Stone Age day ! 1
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