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Year 2

Welcome to Summer One!


Hi all, welcome back for the first half of our Summer term. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the holiday.  


In Year 2 we have a fabulous class of 30 children. The class teacher is Mrs Mulholland and the class is supported by Mrs Flannery, Mrs, Keinhorst, Mrs Leggatt and Mrs Bellamy. 


We had a brilliant last half term learning about plants and how they grow, I hope the bean plants are still growing well at home! 


We have had a fantastic start to our new topic (Dinosaurs) with a very exciting morning filled with different activities. We became paleontologists, we created our own dinosaur worlds in the small world play, we competed with each other during dinosaur maths, researched facts and asked questions we'd like to find the answers to, plus we were also creative with the play dough!  A busy start to the half term but a brilliant one. Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm, Year 2!

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Our topic so far; performance poetry, planting runner beans, observing germination and dissecting flowers!

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