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Weekly Maths


This week year 4 have been dividing by the denominator and multiplying by the numerator to find the fraction of a number. 


This week Year 4 have been focusing on using there estimating and inverse skills to check if there original answers are correct. This has also included rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 and seeing which estimation is more accurate.


This week we have been focusing on solving multiplication and division problems. These problems have included scaling problems (similar to ratio) as well as many other problems that relate to division and multiplication.


This week we have been focusing on solving multiplication and division problems. We have looked into understanding these two operations and trying different ways to calculate them.


The children have been investigating, over the last two weeks, on how to find the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. 

We have also started to look at addition and subtraction problems, specifically focusing on two step word problems.



This week in maths the children have been carrying on with their work with decimals but focusing on adding and subtracting decimals including adding and subtracting money.

25. 11. 16


This week children have been developing their knowledge on fractions and decimals.

We have been focusing on the value of each decimal place and how decimals can be used. 

We have also been looking at how decimals and fractions are very similar and exchanging fractions into decimals. 


Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on fractions. Specifically looking at equivalent fractions and fractions of quantities. 

We are going to start to look at tenths and hundredths and looking into the decimal system and the place value of numbers after the decimal point.

Helpful link for parents and children!

This website is designed to help parents to support their  children with numeracy at home. You may find it helpful.


This week the children have been looking at a range of addition and subtraction problems and answering mastery style questions. 


This week the children have been adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers and solving missing number problems. 


This week the children have been;

*counting backwards through zero to include negative numbers

*rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000

*answering a range of mastery problems incorporating these areas


This week the children have been developing their knowledge of place value.

They have been;

*explaining the value of each digit in a 4 digit number

*finding more and less than a given number

*ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000

*problem solving including all of the above