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Weekly Maths Work

W/B 15.5.17 -

Mathletics homework will re-commence this Friday (19th May).

W/B - 18.4.17

Today we have worked very hard converting between percentages, fractions and decimals. We realised that it was easier to find the fraction first, then convert to a percentage and find the decimal last!


W/B 20.3.17

This week Yr 6 have worked so hard, completing an hour of 'Reasoning' everyday. We have covered a number of topics, including; measure, shape, money and time.


Their skills have really improved and they are already so much more confident with this aspect of maths. We will continue with our 'Daily Reasoning'.


Well done to all of you who attended maths club on Monday after-school and Wednesday lunchtime - the sessions were well attended and the children had fun practising methods and showed great skill! These maths sessions will continue until SATs week (8.5.17).

W/B 13.3.17

This week our maths sessions have mainly been taken up with mock SATs tests. On Friday, the children will still have their Mathletic session. I will have set new challenges especially for that lesson. Mathletics homework, will also be set on Friday following the lesson.

W/B 13.3.17

Next week is our 'mock' SATs week.


The maths (mock) SATs tests are on Wednesday and Thursday morning, they include:

Paper 1 - Arithmetic     Tues (9-10.30)

Paper 2 - Reasoning (1)  Wed (9-10.30)

Paper 3 - Reasoning (2)  Wed (11-11.45)


Good luck to all Year 6 - you will be brilliant, just take your time, read everything TWICE and always SHOW YOUR METHOD!

W/B 13.3.17

(10.3.17) This week we have concentrated on multiplying and dividing fractions, we also squeezed in a small session on percentages this afternoon!


Remember to use our handy phrase when dividing fractions:

"Keep it, change it ......flip it'















Then continue as if it's a multiplication problem:

- Multiply the numerators by each other

- Multiply the denominators by each other

- Simplify the answer as low as possible

- If you are left with an improper fraction (numerator larger than denominator) then change to a mixed number fraction.



W/B 27.2.17

This week Year 6 have worked on addition and subtraction of fractions, involving mixed and improper fractions. We have also looked at problems involving 'Reasoning'.

W/B 20.2.17

This week Y6 have continued to work on fractions. Revising mixed and improper fractions from last week and beginning work on fraction addition.

W/B 6.2.17

Next week we will continue with our fraction topic. We will work with improper and mixed fractions, then move to fraction addition and subtraction, involving proper and improper fractions.

W/B - 30.1.17

Year 6 have worked very hard again this week, with their maths skills. We have looked at comparing fractions by making denominators the same. We have also worked with fractions of whole numbers and quantities with units.


W/B - 23.1.17

I am so proud of all the children in Year 6. They are working so hard in their maths sessions! We are covering so much content each day and they just keep going!! Keep it up.


This week we are concentrating mainly on decimal division. If you'd like to help your child at home, please follow the link below. We have used this in class as it clearly outlines the method.

We will begin with division questions, dividing a decimal by a whole number - 3.85 divided by 6 = 

Then, look at dividing a decimal by a decimal

- 6.72 divided by 1.37 =

Year 6 are also looking at decimal mathematical language.

Ask your child to explain: divisor, quotient and dividend.


Decimal Division website



W/B - 16.1.17

Further work with long division this week - remainders as fractions and decimals. Then, dividing decimals and word problems involving division.

W/B - 9.1.17

Another super week on long division, paying particular attention to remainders as fractions and decimals - brilliant Year 6. Keep working hard!

W/B - 4/1/17

A huge congratulations to Year 6 for their positivity in tackling some past SATs papers this week. Also re-visiting short and long division - you are all amazing!

W/B 12.12.16

This week we have continued our work with fractions, finding more equivalent fractions and also fractions of amounts and quantities.

W/B 5.12.16

This week we have continue our work on decimals, looking real life word problems involving money. We have also worked with fractions, investigating equivalence.

W/B 28.11.16

In Year 6 this week we have looked at multiplying decimals. Beginning with multiplying one decimal by a whole number, then multiplying 2 decimal numbers with 1,2 and 3 decimal places.

W/B 21.11.16

We have continued our work on decimals this week. We have looked at problems involving decimal addition and subtraction.

W/B 14.11.16

This week Year 6 are working hard with decimals. On Monday we looked at values of each number in a decimal and equivalent fractions. We are also developing our multiplication skills multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

W/B 7.11.16

This week we have re-visited co-ordinate grids. We have identified co-ordinates and then translated and reflected shapes across the x and y axis.

We have also predicted the co-ordinates of translated and reflected shapes.

W/B 31.10.16

We have re-visited negative numbers this week. The children have used number lines to calculate differences in temperatures. We completed temperature tables that had missing data.

W/B 17.10.16

This week, before Kingswood, we have looked at problem solving. Using all our strategies to solve problems involving: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

W/B 10.10.16

This week the children have worked very hard with their arithmetic skills. We have also looked at 'Rounding' to the nearest 100,1000, 10,000, 100,000 and million!

W/B 3.10.16

This week we have changed our maths topic; we are now learning about number and place value.

We have identified the values of digits in numbers with up to 8 digits and beyond!

We also worked very hard to read, write, compare and order numbers up to 10 million and beyond!


W/B 26.9.16

This week we have looked at angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. We remembered that angles in a quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees and angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.



W/B - 19/9/16

This week we have worked with quadrilaterals. We used either a Carroll or Venn diagram to sort the shapes. We had to think of our own criteria e.g. right angles/no right angles.


We also went outside to hunt for angles and shapes in the environment. We had to find: acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, a quadrilateral, a rhombus and a parallelogram.


W/B - 12.9.16


We have continued our topic on circles this week and looked more closely at constructing arcs and sectors.


We identified shapes with lines of symmetry and also found parallel and perpendicular lines. We created the shapes and used an arrow to show the parallel lines.                

W/B  - 5.9.16 

This week we have been re-visiting circles. We have looked closely at radius, diameter and circumference. We have drawn circles with a compass and used only the radius or diameter to do so. We know that the diameter is double the radius.