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Summer 2 Week 6 er/ir/ur and silent letter revision

11.06.18 Phase 5 recap/Plurals

Paper copies will no longer be sent home with your child. If you have any problem viewing the spellings please see me and I'll be happy to help.

Mrs Mulholland

04.05.18- ve/ment/ness

23.04.18- air/are or past tense ed words

16.04.18- comparative adjectives/ear sound

21.03.18 - to be tested Wednesday 28th

05.03.18- homophones- words that sound the same but have different meanings

19.02.18- ow, oa, o_e or ge/dge

31.01.17- to be tested on Wednesday 7.02.18

5.01.17- Topic words- to be tested on 15.01.17

05.12.11- Christmas words

06.11.17 er, ir, ur and ear

Hi all, 


During half term we don't send spellings home but if you did want to continue practising please could you revisit the spellings your child has covered this half term. This can be writing out the words, writing sentences including spelling words or stories including them.


Thank you, 

Mrs Mulholland

03.10.17- ee, ea, e_e

26.09.17- igh, i_e, y and ie

18.09.17 spellings- ay ai a_e

Spellings will be given on Monday and pupils will be tested on the following Monday. 

11.09.17 Spelling Pattern –or, aw, au, augh