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In the final week of term we will recap all of the spellings rules we have learned, and all the common exception words we have practised. Please help your child to understand the 'rules' of spelling, as there will be no list of words sent home to practise. They will be assessed on whether they can remember and apply the rules they have learned. All the previous rules can be found in the weekly sheets below.


There will not be any new spellings set for over the half term break. Please use this time to help your child to look back at any incorrect spellings from over this half term which will be written in the back of their Reading Journals.


Spellings are set every Wednesday and the children will have a full week to learn these. There will be opportunities within the school day to practice. However, we suggest learning these at home as often as possible and using the words within sentences to fully understand their meaning. 

 Spelling scores will be recorded in the back of your child's Reading Journal each week.