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Our Bible Assembly

Our Bible Assembly 1
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Our Chicks

Making Easter Nests

When Zak's lamb, Lucky, came to visit

World Book Week: Puff the Magic Dragon

World Book Week: Pyjama Day, lots of stories and hot chocolate

Our amazing Nativity

Enjoying Christmas Lunch

Invisible writing

Launching the aliens back into Space

Preparing the aliens for blast off

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The children decided they wanted to sing 'Five little men in a flying saucer' to give the aliens a great send off!

Fixing the rocket and designing a new one

Yummy alien food

Baking alien bread (Photos by the children)

Mrs Godley made an amazing discovery at school this morning: a rocket ship had crash landed! Reception class went to investigate. They realised the ship had been damaged and the aliens had gone missing. Luckily Autumn found a picture of them so we knew who to look for. We found Pippy, Bockabock and Bleep Bleep hiding in the classroom. We will now take care of them until we can fix their ship. Well done, Reception!

Art Show

When Max the Alien came to Reception

Making shapes in PE

A Harvest Welcome!

We had couple of visitors to our class this week. Mrs Bowman brought Henry in to talk about babies and growing up.

We are settling in well

We love snack and story time outside

We love snack and story time outside 1