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Numicon and Multi-Sensory Maths

Numicon and Multi-Sensory Maths


Multi-Sensory Maths

The Multi-Sensory approach to maths uses a wide range of practical equipment to give your child a greater understanding of number ideas and relationships. This proves to be essential for success in maths.


Staff and children have enjoyed learning about different Numicon resources.

Numicon, other practical resources and visual images are now an active part of children's learning in school.


What is Numicon?

Numicon is a maths teaching programme that uses a series of structured images to represent numbers. Children enjoy the numicon approach, which plays to their strong sense of pattern’


All classes in EYFS and KS1/LKS2 have a Multi-Sensory Maths area – this may include Numicon or other mathematical equipment. The children have continual access to the challenge areas throughout the day and are encouraged to independently choose maths equipment wherever possible. Numicon is also featured in the school’s Calculation Policy.