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Pool Bank Culvert

Unfortunately the works period for completing the culvert repair at Pool Bank will need to be extended until the end of September.
I’m sure that this news will come as a disappointment as the work was originally expected to be completed in July. Please accept our sincere apologies for this.
With the work underway, it has proven necessary to dig more extensively into the foundations below the culvert, using additional concrete to strengthen it. This will ensure the culvert remains durable and more resilient to possible future flooding events.
For the remainder of the work, the road will continue to operate as a single lane serving both directions, managed by temporary traffic signals with a reduced 30-miles per hour speed limit in place.
As site activities allow, we will continue to work extended shifts, seven days a week in order to complete the work as soon as we possibly can. Exceptions may include periods where it’s necessary to wait for concrete or waterproofing to cure.
A press release with more details can be viewed at
Thank you for your continued patience as we undertake this essential work.
If you would like any further information about the project, please contact us.
Yours sincerely
The Pool Bank Culvert Team