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Dear Parents

I hope that you’ve had a great break. We have lots of exciting events and activities coming up in Year 2 this half term. Please see below for more details.


Monday 12th June

Please can pupils bring in a cereal box for this date for an exciting art project. For our new R.E topic we will be learning about how different religions welcome new babies into their families. Please could your child bring in a photo of themselves when they were a baby and if applicable a Christening or baptism photo. Thank you very much.


Tuesday 13th June

Our new topic this half term is called ‘The Great Fire of London’. Pupils are invited to come into school dressed in Fire colours (reds, yellows, oranges) for our day where we will enjoy a workshop lead by ‘Sir William Petty’. We will also enjoy lots of other activities related to the ‘Great Fire of London’.


Friday 30th June

We will be hosting our annual Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show in school. Please see the programme for entry information that will be given out on Friday.


Wednesday 5th July

We will be sharing what we have learnt about the Great Fire of London in an assembly at 3.00pm on this date. We ask that pupils wear ‘fire colours’ so reds, yellows and oranges for the day. Thank you.


Friday 14th July

This week is Healthy Week in school and pupils are invited to wear sports clothes for the week. Key Stage 1 Sports Day will run on the field from 9.00am until 11.45am. Pupils will enjoy a carousel of activities and then take part in traditional sports day races.


Week beginning 17th July

To develop speaking and listening skills further I would like each child to have a show and tell time, to talk about something that they like to do (e.g swimming, horse riding) or something they are interested in. They can bring in any props and pictures to help them. If your child would like to show a powerpoint please can they bring in a labelled memory stick. The mini- presentation should last no longer than 5 minutes and if possible it would be good if they could practise in front of an audience to ensure they speak loudly and clearly.

Our show and tells will be taking place in the last week of term from Monday 17th July. Please could your child have their things in school ready to share with the class. The aim is for the talk to be relaxed and informal to develop your child’s confidence in speaking infront of others.

Thank you

Thank you for all your continuous support this year. It is really appreciated. I’m hoping your child has a super final half term in Year 2.

Many thanks


Mrs Furnival

7.3.17- Bhangra Dance Workshop

Thank you for supporting our Bhangra workshop that Year 2 really enjoyed today. Have a look at our photo gallery to see the fun we had. We look forward to sharing our dance moves with you on our India day and celebration assembly on Thursday 30th March. 


2.3.17- Indian Cooking Fun

Thank you very much for the vegetables that the children brought in from home. We enjoyed making a delicious vegetable curry. We also enjoyed setting up our new 'Indian Restaurant' role play area. Have a look at our 'photos' page to see more of our learning. 


27.2.17- World Book Week

Thank you very much for supporting our pyjama day in school today. It was also great to hear about the books that the children enjoyed reading at bedtime. Have a look at our photo section for more photos from this week.



This half term for P.E we are very lucky to have two P.E. teachers teaching us. We are really enjoying our sessions. 

21.2.17- Lunar Rover Models

We had a great time making and designing our lunar rover models. Have a look at the photo page to see our models!


21.2.17- SATs Meeting for Parents 

Thank you for your support with the SATs meeting today. I have attached the resources discussed in the class work area of the Y2 class page. Please do not hesitate to see me if you have any questions. 


8.2.17 Safer Internet Day

Year 2 enjoyed learning about ways to stay safe when using the internet. We wrote our own rules. 


Year 2 Acceptable Use Policy
-Ask someone before you upload a video or photo to check that it's ok.
- Only log in using your account details and password
-Only open links from someone you trust
- Don't share your personal details online 
-Don't talk to strangers
- Be kind when messaging on the Internet
-If you have seen something that is inappropriate tell an adult 
-Make sure you don't spend all your time on the tablet, computer, laptop or phone


Take a look at the photo section to learn more. 


1.2.17- Our Visit to the Mosque

Thank you for supporting our visit to the mosque today. We had a great time learning about


- How Muslims wash before praying

-Their holy book- the Quran

- How Muslims pray

-All about their pilgrimage to Mecca

-How Muslims use prayer beads


Have a look at our photo gallery to find out more.



Year 2 SATs Meeting for Parents


Due to parent feedback I will be holding the SATs meeting for parents at 5.00pm on Tuesday 21st February. If required I will leave some activities out for pupils during the meeting to keep them busy.


Thank you very much.


Mrs Furnival

20.1.17- Super Space Learning 

Year 2 are enjoying learning all about space and what it is like to be an astronaut. Take a look at our photo gallery to see more. 

13.12.16 Christmas in Year 2

Well done to all pupils in Year 2 for their fantastic acting in our Christmas production this year. We were so proud of you all! Take a look at our photo gallery to see our acting superstars and more Christmas festivity photos! 

15.11.16- Owl Visit

Thank you for supporting our owl workshop today. Kira shared lots of fantastic information and we enjoyed learning about the different owls that she brought in to show us. Have a look at the 'Photo' section to see more. 

11.11.16- Our Fantasy Fish

Year 2 worked so hard during Art Week to create their wonderful 'Fantasy Fish'. Take a look at our photo section to see our wonderful work!




7.11.16 - Thank you Lara!



Thank you Lara for baking the wonderful owl buns and sharing them with us. They were delicious! You were keen and motivated to do this as part of your Learning Pool! Well done! 

3.11.16- Maths Workbooks

If you would like to purchase a Maths Workbook  as discussed with some parents at parents evening they can be purchased from the website below. 


Many thanks for your support


Mrs Furnival

10.10.16   Class Dojo's

In Year 2 we are encouraging pupils to follow class instructions and try their best in all their work,. From this week pupils will have the chance to win a prize and certificate when they reach 50 green dojo's. We hope that a different way of using the dojo system will help motivate pupils to achieve their best in school. Dojo scores will be kept on each week and will be reset when they have met their target. 


Thank you for your support

7.10.16- Maths Facts


Thank you for supporting your child with their Maths Facts. Some pupils who said that they were ready were tested today as it can be quite tricky to fit all pupils in one morning. Those pupils will be tested again in two weeks time.


Thank you very much


What a great few week's back Year 2 have had! I am really pleased with how everyone has settled into our new routines and their great attitude to their learning.


So far we have enjoyed lots of activities relating to our new topic of 'Where we Live' and especially enjoyed our village walk this week. Thank you very much to the parents who came with us.


Wehope to keep going outside for P.E when we can so if you could check if your child has an outdoor kit (trainers, jogging bottoms and a jumper) that would be great! It is nice to be able to get out in the fresh air.


Maths Facts were given out last week and they will then be tested next week (30.9.16)


Year 2 are coming into school fantastically but I ask you could say good-bye to your child in the line as it can get very busy near the Y2 door. This will also help to develop your child's independence.


Thank you for all your support.


Mrs Furnival