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Wednesday 14th June and Thursday 15th June mornings will be dedicated to screening the children for the phonics test. They have already had a mock version, so are familiar with the process, flashcards and the office they were tested in. There will be 40 flashcards and children will be able to have 'brain' breaks if required. The current threshold for passing the test is 32/40. 

You will be notified before the end of the year in a letter. 

Children are familiar with the 'real' and 'not real' pictures, and I will be able to tell them this.

Children are encouraged to segment before blending the word, in order to maximise their chances of correct de-coding. They will receive a small treat at the end of the test. 

A few polysyllabic words are usually included at the end, no longer than 2 syllables. Eg; moonlight

If you have any questions regarding the test, please come and see me. 

Thank you. :)


WC: 23/4/17

Just to let you know, we will having our Phonics Practice Test at some point this week. The children may be tested on different days. I am trying to make it as normal as possible for them and the only special bit is that they get a sweet for taking part. :)