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Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show


This half-term, we will be making Lighthouse sculptures, linking to the Lighthouse Keeper stories. Could the children please bring in an empty large pringles container by the end of week 2, please. I have one spare, but am no longer buying pringles as they are soooo moorish! If you regularly buy these and can offer more, we would appreciate the containers for some of the other children. 


To save our carbon footprint, spellings will no longer be stuck in spelling books. They will be sent to parents using our e-mail parents service. They will also be still uploaded to out class page on a weekly basis. Thank you for your understanding. 

Also this Monday, the children will be taking part in a health check hearing test. This will be carried out in the Bungalow, Monday afternoon.



Today, the children discussed and decided upon their Class Promises (Rules) for the year.

These are:

1) We are kind.

2) We keep our classroom tidy.

3) We make a T-sign for the toilet.

4) We put our hand up when we want to speak.

5) We listen to a Grown-up.

6) We sit beautifully on the carpet.


Spelling books have been issued today. Children will be tested on the relevant band each and every Monday. Remember, if you require them to change band, then please let me know. 



I have had several parents ask me about outdoor P.E kit and the limitations of having trainers to keep in school. We have P.E on a Wednesday and Thursday. I do try to go outdoors whenever possible. Trainers could be brought in on Wednesdays and come back home on a Thursday evening. Generally, P.E kit is usually kept in school and is brought home at the end of a half-term.

We are starting our Outdoor Classroom Learning this week. Wellies are to come in on a Thursday morning and go home that evening, due to lack of storage. Please ensure your child has a waterproof coat that day, as we will be out even if it is raining!



We are still looking for ideally 2 parent volunteers to accompany us to Rainbow Factory on Monday 25th September. Sadly, we have had no response from the text that was sent out a few weeks ago. If you are able, to accompany us, we would appreciate it. Please come and let me know if you can...



Just a polite reminder that we all need wellies and a waterproof coat for the Peace Garden activities every Thursday, as this is our allocated time.

Also, if anyone can supply us with sticks (approx 30cm long) , acorns, conkers and cases and pine cones, hedgerow berries fresh herb cuttings and lavender and such, we would greatly appreciate them as next week, we will be making 'scavenger' sticks in the garden. Thanks in advance!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Rainbow Factory yesterday and photos of their time are in the Photos section for you to enjoy. :)

Heads up: A supply teacher will be covering the class on Thursday, as I am out all day on a course. I hope the children will enjoy their time with another teacher. Mrs Keinhorst will be supporting the teacher in the morning and Mrs Flannery will be supporting the teacher in the afternoon as usual.



Today, I spent 10 minutes of my lunch, looking through the already huge pile of 'lost property' in KS1. (We share part of our cloakroom with Y2 as well). Those items that were named, I duly returned to the children. However, we still have a huge pile of children's cardigans, sweatshirts and outdoor P.E kit unnamed. Please ensure your children's clothes are named, that way we can get them back to you. Please take a moment with your child if you can, to talk about the importance of hanging sweat shirts and cardigans up and if they find clothing on the floor, to pick it up off the floor, so people don't trample or slip on them. Thank you. :)



Please note, regarding spellings for the next half term... We do not expect over the holidays that you look at the spelling pattern issued this week until next half term. Please practice and consolidate the spellings previously learned this half-term and we will have a 'random' test, based on the colour band your child is currently on the first week back. Thank you. :)

I will be placing the 'lost property' on the bench outside my classroom Thursday and Friday afternoon for the Y1 & Y2 children. Please find some time to look through the boxes as it is a shame that these current items have not been claimed and also, can I ask that you re-check your child's clothing is named clearly before the start of the next half term. I know myself first-hand that pen written names can sometimes be 'washed off', so to speak! P.E kits will all be coming home on Friday, so you can 'check' your child's items are still in there and that their trainers and pumps are a suitable fit. I know they have already grown so much this half term!

Clearing the cloakroom also allows Mrs Godley to thoroughly clean the areas in the holidays as well...