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Maths Work

W/B 24.9.18

In Year 6 this week we have looked at rounding numbers to the nearest 1000. We have also calculated differences between two numbers, compared number statements and explained our work to others.

During Morning Challenge time, we have found different ways to make 3 and 4 digit numbers.


If you wish, use the chart below to help with rounding numbers at home.


W/B 17.9.18

We have continued with place value, particularly the value of individual digits. Year 6 have used tables to find out about the population figures around the world.We have also ordered numbers up to 10 million.

During Morning Challenge time we have worked with cubed numbers.

W/B 10.9.18

This week we have covered Roman numerals, perimeter, co-ordinates during Morning Challenge activities.

During our maths lessons, we've looked at reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10 million. Looking closely at place value.

W/B 3.9.18

All Year 6 have enjoyed settling back into school life, maths in the classroom has started straight away; 

                       TT Rockstars,

                       long multiplication methods,

                       squared numbers,

                       finding area and perimeter,

                       2D shape properties,

                       addition and subtraction.

Many of the activities have been completed during Morning Challenge time, this takes place as soon as the children enter the classroom at 8:50am.