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Pool in Wharfedale CE (VC) Primary School is looking for a governor. This is an exciting time for the school as it continues to move forward following its rating by Ofsted in January 2015 as a ‘Good’ school.


Governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. You don’t have to be the parent of a child at the school to be a governor. What is important is a willingness to give time and commitment to the role and to be part of a team. We are particularly keen to welcome someone onto our Governing Body who has I.T, publicity or communications skills – or all of these!


The Governing Body has a key role in the development of and strategy for the school. This does not mean being involved with the day to day running of the school but having a general responsibility for the effective management of the school, which includes involvement with staffing, curriculum, finance and school buildings.


The role would involve attending Full Governing Body meetings (6 per year) and being part of a sub-committee who also meet in addition. Leeds Education advise that this is equates to approximately 10-15 hours per term which includes attending meetings, school visits and background reading.

Being a governor is a public duty and governors do have a right to reasonable time off work, although this may be without pay. Companies may have their own policy around this, so do check with your own employer.


If you’re (still) interested, do speak to any of the current governors (if you’re uncertain who they are, do look on the updated school website) or speak to the School Office and I’ll be happy to phone or meet with you for a chat about the role.


Joanne Pellow

Chair of Governors