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Digital Drop Ins


Children can come to speak to an adult or a Digital Leader every Tuesday lunchtime about any concerns or questions they have about e-safety and using the computers. They can also suggest Apps that may be helpful in school. 


'I am worried that my little brother is playing on games that might scare him.' Year 2 child.


'Can you tell me how to be safe on my Ipad?' Year 1 child.


'Why can't I share my password with anyone'  Year 1 child. 

On Internet Safety Day 2018, our Digital leaders produced Powerpoints to share with other pupils about being safe on the Internet. Archie, Emily and Oliver teamed up with Digital Leaders from other schools in our cluster to tour around delivering their Powerpoints. Leah and Milly presented their Powerpoint to Reception and Key Stage One at our school. 

As part of Internet Safety Day 2017, our new Digital Leaders ran a competition for pupils to produce a bookmark or poster which included key internet safety messages.


Well done to these wonderful winners:


Y6 - Amy, Ollie and Oliver

Y5 - Will B, Matthew, Beatrice and Una

Y4 - Grace N, Joshua D and Jacob

Y3 - Dan and Emma

Y2 - Darcy and William H

Y1 - Tom and Tilly

YR - Sophie B and Oskar

Internet Safety Questionnaire