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Week ending 21st July 2017

We have had a wonderful last week in Reception.  Thank you for all your gifts, cards and good wishes.  We have loved teaching your children and wish you a wonderful and fun holiday!


Lots of love,

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 14th July 2017

What a wonderful but exhausting week in school!  The children have been brilliant though we have worn them out!  Healthy Living week has been wonderful.  The children have participated in lots of different sports and activities.  They have also thought about what it means to be healthy. 


In addition, we have spent time practising our assembly for next Monday (at 2.45).  Mrs Whiteside also came to talk to the children about New Zealand.  The children have painted their stones for the Peace Garden and they were varnished today, ready to be put into position. 


We had a wonderful trip yesterday.  The children behaved brilliantly (the staff at Nell Bank commented on this) and fully engaged with all the activities.  There are photos on the photo page for you to have a look at.  We even came back with our very own Nellbanian Bear.  Ask your children about it!


Sports Morning was brilliant.  We hope you enjoyed it if you came to watch!  All the children participated  in the carousel of activities and then thoroughly enjoyed the races.  We were all exhausted by lunchtime so we spent time practising the songs for next week, doing independent learning and completing some follow up work about Nell Bank.


Have a lovely and relaxing weekend!

Can't believe we will be writing our last update next week before the children leave Reception!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.










Week ending 7th July 2017

We have had a lovely week in Germany as part of our Around the World tour.  Mrs Stoves told the children all about Germany and read German books to them.  The children also made windmills for the Peace Garden.  On Tuesday, the children did some German baking and made pretzels.


This week, we have also talked to the children about how some children do not have access to education and the Send my Friend to School campaign.  In Maths we have focused on measuring length using non-standard measures such as lego bricks and cubes.  In Phonics children have learnt new sounds and consolidated ones that they already know.  New sounds have been stuck in the books of those children who need them.  All children will have read in guided reading groups.  Some children will also have been heard read individually.  We have continued to learn songs for our end of year assembly and practised for Sports Day.  The children have also talked about Joseph and his Technicoloured Dreamcoat as part of our Collective Worship work focused on Humility.


On Thursday morning, the children spent the morning in Year One, getting to know Miss Ball and other members of the Year 1 team.  They came back to Reception, excited to talk about what they had been doing.   


Next week looks very busy and exciting as it is Healthy Living week and we will be doing lots of fun activities!  We have our trip to Nell Bank on Thursday.  Please remember a packed lunch unless you have ordered one from school - no nuts or fizzy drinks please.  Also keep an eye on the weather forecast as the children will be outside all day so they will need appropriate sun protection/wet weather clothing.  On Friday, it is Sports Day.  Please come if you can and cheer the children on.  You will have received a letter requesting the children to come in sports clothing and a particular coloured t-shirt.  Please could we have any library books returned next Thursday for the Summer holidays.


Have a lovely and fun-filled weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves




Week ending 30th June 2017

We have continued to get the children ready for Year 1 this week.  Rather than setting the children challenges, we have asked the children to challenge themselves.  The children have had brilliant ideas about how they can do this.  They have also discussed improvements that they, or others, could make to their work.


Our teaching sessions have continued to look at different countries and continents.  This week we have looked at South America.  Mrs Balla came and helped us look at Peru, in particular.  Thank you, Mrs Balla!  The children loved learning about the Andes and Peruvian dancing, in particular.


In Maths we have been looking at doubling and halving.  Some children have also continued to work on recognising teen numbers.  This is something you could practise at home.  Others have worked on sharing and grouping as an introduction to multiplying.


Most children have focused on reinforcing Phase 3 sounds.  Some children have learnt ay (as in play), ou (as in cloud), ie (as in fried), ea (as in reach) and oy (as in boy).  We will update the sounds book as necessary next week.


On Wednesday, the children had a second visit to Miss Ball.  They enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to next year.  Next Thursday, the children will spend the morning in their new classroom. 


Otherwise, we have been preparing for our end of year assembly that you should have received an invitation about last week!  Obviously we don't want to say too much about this so it is a nice surprise but the children are working hard to prepare.  We have also prepared handwriting for the Flower, Fruit and Veg show.


Today, we say goodbye and thank you to Miss Sanderson who has been on placement with us since January.  The children have enjoyed having her in the classroom and we have bought her a little gift to say thank you.


Thank you for all your Learning Pool homework, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what the children have produced for the Flower, Fruit and Veg show today!


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.


Week ending 23rd June 2017

What a busy week!  We started the week with some very special visitors.  Children who were refugees from Lawnswood School came to speak to the children about what it was like to be a refugee, leave home and make a terrifying journey to a new country.  The children were fantastic and were still talking about the visitors later in the week, remembering all that they had been through.  One of the challenges this week was to draw and label items they would take in their suitcase if they had to leave home.  On Monday afternoon Jake's Mum brought some pupils from St Mary's school for a multi-sports festival.  The children had a fantastic time.  Thank you so much Mrs Thornton!  On Wednesday, Khadeejah's Mum came to talk to the children about Pakistan and India.  She also brought mango and watermelon for them to try.  Thank you so much Mrs Iqbal.


On Tuesday, we began looking at the story Handa's Surprise as an introduction to looking at Africa.  The children have subsequenty developed actions for the story; done basket weaving using paper strips; retold the story in writing and role play; done data 'handa-ling' in Maths and developed a chart showing favourite fruits in class.  The children have also doing Handa-lated problem solving involving sharing fruit and solving problems.  Later in the week we looked at facts about Africa.


We have developed our Investors in Pupils board in class too.  This is a board that shows individual and class targets.  If the children achieve the class target then they get a class reward.  Our current class target is to sit on the carpet ready to learn.  Our individual target is to use writing in our play.  Ask you child to tell you about how they can move around the board and what the class reward will be!


In the quiet area, the children are enjoying the camp site that has been set up.  They are developing work to go on the wall in there.  They are also completing book reviews this week for our new reading area (another challenge).


All children will have read to an adult this week, in a group, individually or both.  In phonics, some children have moved onto ay (as in play) and ou (as in cloud).  Other children have been reinforcing sounds already learnt.


We had lots of visitors in class on Thursday as it was Governor Day.  The children were fantastic in explaining how our classroom worked and things like the challenges, Investors in Pupils board, outdoor learning.  At the end of the day the children went to have a story with Miss Ball when the new Reception children came for a visit.  They seem very excited about moving into Year One.


You should all have had an invite to our Reception end of year assembly on 17th July at 2.50.  We hope to see you all there!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves





Week ending 16th June 2017

We have had a lovely, sunny week in Reception and have taken as much of our learning and challenges outside as possible.  The children have been challenged to: make a meal for their friends using the biggest and smallest pans in the mud kitchen; go on a tricky word hunt outside; create doubles using different resources; use writing in their play; put elastic bands round pine cones (finger gym) and create Father's Day cards (which are looking brilliant).  It has been wonderful to start our new topic 'Around the World'.  We began by asking the children which countries they would like to learn about.  They have come up with a long list.  We are hoping to focus on these countries over the next few weeks, supported by visitors born in those countries (or who have lived in them).  This week we have looked at France, in particular using clips of Barnaby Bear going to Roscoff in Brittany.  Mrs Morris also brought in a range of French foods for snack time on Thursday for the children to try.  We will also have a brief look at America this week. We should have had an 'Around the World' tour by the time we break up.


Next week we will have some special visitors in school from Lawnswood School as part of our refugee week.  The children will have an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and do related activities.  On Thursday is Governors Day and we will welcome our Governors to work with us in school for the day.


In Maths we have focused on problem solving, counting in tens and halving numbers.  In phonics we have focused on blending sounds and writing words and sentences.  All children will have read in guided reading groups, with some reading individually.


Some children have visited the Year 1 classroom this week, with more visiting on Friday.  Next Thursday, they will go to visit Miss Ball for a story when the new Reception children come to visit.  We are seeking to make the transition as smooth as possible for the children.  They seem very excited about moving up!


We are sorry that Library books have not been changed but the ladies who do the library have not been in school.  We will hopefully be back to normal the week after next.  Please return any library books if you want to and we will keep them in school.


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day to all our Dads!


Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 9th June 2017

It has been lovely to see the children back in school, and so full of news, after the holiday.  The children really enjoyed their Minibeast Hunt on Tuesday afternoon, even though it was very wet.  We have also been spending lots of time preparing for our performance of Hall of the Mountain King in our special BBC Music Day Assembly on Friday.  The children have worked hard to decide on what sounds to use to accompany the music.  They will be using their voices, body percussion and instruments.  We are hoping to film the performance so please look out for this on our website.


The challenges have focused on our Minibeast topic this week.  The children have been encouraged to spot creatures and sound out their names in an eye-spy challenge; create a symmetrical butterfly using shapes; make a spider's web and put a spider on it (with string and a paper plate); pick up plastic worms with pegs and create a giant minibeast using our outdoor resources.  We are also challenging the children to regularly use writing in their play to continue to develop them as independent writers.


In Maths we have revisited number formation and doubling. Phonics has focused on revisiting sounds and using them in writing.  All children have read in a guided reading group this week, as well as some children reading individually.  


Please have a look in your child's book bag for our latest newsletter.  Learning Pool homework and information about the Flower, Fruit and Veg show will be coming home in book bags on Friday.  


Thank you to those parents who have offered to help on our trip.  We are hoping to get back to helpers next week.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves




Week ending 26th May 2017

What a busy week in the wonderful sunshine! We have taken advantage of the weather this week to do some fantastic outdoor activities.  The children have been busy shaping their own learning and there has been lots of building and working together.  Three of the challenges have also been done outside:  making a meal in the mud kitchen and seeing if it smells nice; throwing bean bags at numbers and adding them together; and making a chick from materials inside or outside of the classroom.  Other challenges have included writing a list of things the chicks need; threading a paper plate when counting in 2s and answering questions with yes or no.


The children really enjoyed our village walk on Wednesday.  Thank you to the parents who helped.  Mrs Morphet brought in another lamb to visit today as the children had said they wanted to meet a female lamb as well as the male, Lucky, who came in last time.  They enjoyed stroking the lamb and listening to Mrs Morphet tell them about what kind of lamb it was.


In Maths we have focused on teen numbers.  Some children have also been looking at halving.  In phonics we have reinforced sounds known, getting children to recognise, read and write them.  The children have also written their end of year reports that go  with our reports.  It is hard to believe they only have one half-term left in Reception.


All children have books for the holidays, though not all children have read this week due to the other activities going on.


Today the children went to a whole-school singing assembly.  They were brilliant and joined in enthusiastically.  Your children may also mention that we all went onto the playground at 11am for a minute's silence in remembrance of the people caught up in the events in Manchester earlier in the week.  We were very proud of how respectfully the children acted during this time.


Tomorrow is going to be a fun-filled day!  We are  going to an interactive rock/folk music concert in the afternoon in the hall.  We have booked a band called Maia to work with all the children in school.  We will also continue our work on our Music Day piece of music, Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg.  All children came home with a template for a poster today.  If your child would like to enter the competition, they need to design a poster for our BBC Music Day concert in school.  It could relate to Hall of the Mountain King or music more generally! Our class will perform in assembly on 9th June (the original BBC Music Day before it was changed for the General Election).


Tomorrow we also say goodbye to the chicks who have grown so much they need to return to the farm.  The parent session at 9am tomorrow is focused on reading.  All parents are very welcome.


Have a lovely half-term break.  

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 19th May 2017

Despite a bit of a soggy week, a lot of learning has taken place inside and outside of the classroom.  The children have loved holding the chicks and watching their every move.  They have also created more chick artwork and written stories about the chicks.  Unfortunately, one of the chicks became very unwell and died today.  We have talked to the children about how this can happen in nature.  The other chicks are well and we are keeping a very close eye on them, as well as being in constant contact with the lady who supplied the eggs.


Other challenges this week have included:  writing sentences containing high frequency or 'tricky' words; making clocks; making bird feeders and getting (pretend) spiders out of a web as part of a finger gym challenge.


By the end of the week, we are hoping to have heard all children read in guided reading groups and individually.  You may notice a note in your child's reading record about their next steps in reading. Our phonics work has focused on reinforcing learning to date and blending.


In Maths we have focused on counting in twos and odd and even this week.  Today the children were introduced to Odd Todd and Even Steven to help them to work out which numbers were odd or even.


In Literacy we introduced the children to the elements of a story using the words: first, next, unfortunately, luckily and finally.  We have listened to stories and will have a go tomorrow at writing a class story about a chick.


In RE we have continued our work about Pool and are looking forward to our village walk next Wednesday (24th May).  In class, and assembly, we have undertaken activities focused on equality and diversity e.g. listening to music from different cultures.  In Collective Worship we listened to, and talked about, the story of Jonah and the Whale.


Thank you for your brilliant Learning Pool work.  We love sharing it in class, and around school for other classes and visitors to see. We hope you enjoy coming to the Bible Assembly tomorrow (19th May) at 2.50.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 12th May 2017

What an exciting week!  I'm sure you will all have heard about the arrival of the eggs, and subsequently chicks, in the classroom.  They have been a brilliant addition to our learning environment.  So far the children have been able to watch the chicks hatch and then move from the incubator to the heat pad.  Today, the chicks became much more active and are now finding their own food and water. The children have named the chicks - watch out for Fire!  He/she seems a bit of a character!  


During their independent learning time the children have written about the chicks.  They have also ordered plastic measuring worms; written words they can find in the classroom; created chick paintings using a fork to create the feathers; dressed Mrs Potato Head and planted more bean seeds for our bean wigwam.


Our writing group work has focused on children ordering the stages of the life cycle of chickens and writing sentences about the stages.  In Maths we have focused on subtraction using objects, Numicon and we have also introduced the children to number lines.  


We have continued to hear the children read in groups or individually. In Phonics we have focused on blending and writing the sounds/words the children hear.  Please practise the sounds and high frequency words in the sounds and words books we send home.  It really helps.


Our Collective Worship story this week focused on Bartimaeus, a man who was blind that Jesus helped. Tomorrow, we will use the glockenspiels again in Music.  The children were brilliant when they tried them out for the first time last week.


Please remember, it is our special assembly when the children receive their bibles next Friday (19th May).  If you need any further information, please ask.  


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves






Week ending 5th May 2017

We hope you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend.  It is hard to believe this week has been shorter as usual as the children have been very busy.  We have continued to work on the children's independence as we prepare them for Year 1.  This week we introduced a system where the children get their own things out of their book bags as they come in e.g. if they are having their reading books changed.  We will, of course, support them with this and you may have noticed a visual display to help them too.


This week has followed on from our work on the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We have been looking at life cycles with the children and have talked about butterflies and frogs in particular.  The children have drawn and labelled life cycles as one of the challenges.


In Maths we have been looking at time, in particular days of the week and what the children do at different times of the day.  We have also begun to talk about what you can do in a minute.  One of the independent challenges focused on children ordering the days of the week and they have also worked in groups to order activities in a day e.g. eating breakfast, going to school, having dinner, going to bed.  We have also had a maths focus in the mud kitchen - the children were challenged to make a mud pie to share between four people.


In Phonics we have continued to focus on recognising and blending sounds.  We have also looked at High Frequency Words.  Sound books and Words books have been updated as necessary and sent home this week.  All children have also read in a group and some children have read individually also.


On Tuesday, the children learnt some French with Mrs Morris.  Some children also visited the computer room.  In Collective Worship we talked about Isaiah and how he said that the rich people should treat poorer people more fairly.  The children also went to their first singing assembly.  They tried hard to join in and behaved brilliantly.  In Music we will continue our work on 'Big Bear Funk' - using the new glockenspiels we have in school.


We hope you liked the sun catchers the children brought home on Thursday.  We are looking forward to seeing you in school on Friday morning at our parent session focused on reading.


Thank you for working with your children to complete their Learning Pool homework.  We love sharing their exciting work in class.


Have a super weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 28th April 2017

What a busy week looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  We started the week by reading the story.  The children then ordered the story; wrote sentences to go with pictures and wrote lists for the Hungry Caterpillar.  Today the children worked together to write another sentence about something the caterpillar could have eaten.  The children made sure they remembered to use their phonics/tricky words, finger spaces and to reread their sentences.  We also talked about full stops. 


In Maths, the children have worked on addition as a whole class and in groups.  The children have used adding in real stories and picked numbers and/or objects to add together.  Some children have also started to look at doubling.


The mud kitchen has again proved very popular this week.  The children have particularly enjoyed using mud, as well as wearing the new outdoor suits funded by the PTA.  Our outdoor challenge this week asked children to write a recipe to use in the mud kitchen.  The children have come up with some super ideas!


In RE, we looked at St George's Day.  Collective Worship focused on how the Danish King was fair to Jews in Denmark during the Second World War.  The children have also visited the ICT suite this week to use the computers.  They have also started to learn French with Mrs Morris on a Tuesday afternoon.  PE focused on ball skills this week.


Our phonics work has continued to focus on ensuring children can recognise and blend digraphs and trigraphs.  All children will have read as part of a guided reading group this week.  Some children will also have read to an adult individually.  We will also continue our work on Big Bear Funk in Music on Friday afternoon.


We are looking forward to seeing parents in school for our stay and play on Friday morning (9 - 9.20).  The focus this week will be on Maths. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week Ending 21st April 2017

We hope you had a lovely Easter break.  It has been wonderful hearing the children share all their exciting news and adventures from the holidays.  Though this week has been shorter than usual, we have packed in a lot of learning.


The children started the week with a Spring walk to look at all the signs of new life and heard 'Little Rabbit's Spring Adventure.'  The children have also looked at the seeds they planted before the holidays and talked about why some grew and others did not.  They thought about what they should do next with the plants.


The children also explored the new mud kitchen this week...which has been a big hit!  Thank you for all your contributions, time and efforts with this project to enhance our outdoor provision.  The PTA has provided funding to purchase some outdoor suits to keep the children a little cleaner and drier!  


The rainbow challenges have again proved popular.  The children have built marble runs, balanced marbles on golf tees (very tricky!), sorted real and fake words, written about their Easter holiday, thrown hoops round bottles that had tricky words on them in the outside area and ordered numbers on pegs.


In Maths we have focused on counting and one more than and one less than.  Some children have worked with numbers to ten, some with numbers to 20 and others with numbers over 20. In Phonics children have focused on recognising sounds and blending.  Some children have also worked on writing words or sentences.


On Thursday, the children began to talk about our new Christian Value which is Justice.  We discussed fairness and talked about a boy who worked on a cocoa plantation but had never tasted chocolate because he could not afford it.  The children were very interested in this, especially as Easter eggs were still fresh in their minds.


On Friday, you will receive the Learning Pool homework sheet in your child's book and the latest newsletter.  We will also start our new Music topic 'Big Bear Funk' which looks very exciting!


Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and  Mrs Stoves






Week Ending 31st March 2017

We can't believe how quickly this half-term has gone!  The children continue to wow us with their amazing learning behaviour, independence and progress.  It was lovely to see you all at parents' evening to talk about your children - we are very proud of them all!


This week has focused on Easter.  In particular, we have looked at the Easter Story and stories about the Easter Bunny.  The rainbow challenges have focused on: writing the Easter story, making an Easter card (which we hope you liked receiving yesterday), a finger gym activity using tweezers to put eggs and chicks in an egg box, ordering numbers on Easter eggs, finding tricky words around the room and finding coins in sand.


In Maths we have particularly focused on money:  recognising coins and making amounts with coins.  Any further practice you can do with this when out shopping would be fantastic.  All children have read and we have continued to practise sounds in phonics, introducing new sounds where necessary.  We have also sung Easter songs this week and will finish our 'Our World' music topic today.


On Wednesday, the children enjoyed making Easter nests and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Today, there has been a special visitor to class, who has left some gifts for the children to enjoy this afternoon.  Unfortunately, he has made a little bit of a mess so let's hope Mrs Godley doesn't mind too much.

We will also enjoy an Easter Assembly today in school where we will sing Easter songs.


Just looking ahead, next term looks to be an exciting one too.  The eggs and chicks will be in school in May now we have found another provider.  We have also just booked a trip to Nell Bank in July.  There will be more about that just after Easter but it promises to be an exciting day, form which the children will get an enormous amount of learning.


Have a wonderful Easter break!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves





Week Ending 24th March 2017

You never know what is going to happen in Reception!  This week we have had hailstones, a visit from Zak's lamb (Lucky) - thank you Mrs Morphet....and we looked fantastic in our crazy socks on Tuesday!


The children are really getting involved in the rainbow challenges now and most children are completing all or most of the challenges.  This week it has been lovely to hear from children when they are planning to do challenges and how they are managing their time during Independent Learning Time.  Our activities this week have included:  matching lower case and upper case letters, matching numbers on dominoes to written numbers, writing a letter to tell preschool about our class (and delivering the letters), matching loom bands to numbers, finding ways to measure outside....and a secret challenge that you might find out about on Sunday! Phonics has focused on consolidating sounds learnt and all children have been heard read this week (at least twice).


Our literacy focus has been on writing letters and our maths focus has been on counting back from 20 and reading and comparing numbers. In RE we have looked at the Easter Story and Collective Worship this week focused on giving street children hope through a charity called the Toybox Charity. We will finish the week with a singing session with Mrs Fox!


Mums: We hope you enjoy your flowers the children came home with yesterday (and any other surprises for Sunday).  We look forward to seeing you at parents' evening next week!


Happy Mothers' Day

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 17th March 2017

Thank you to all those parents who came to this week's reading drop-in on Tuesday am and Wednesday's parents' meeting about maths.  For those who could not come, you should have received information in your child's book bag.  If you have not, or would like further information, please let a us know and we can help. 


We have continued our work about plants this week and have particularly focused on the life cycle of plants.  Children have also written super instructions about what plants need to grow.  Other independent challenge activities have included:  creating a plant life cycle, matching words to pictures, matching numicon to numbers or making 10 in different ways, writing a story, making something that will float and investigating which car is the fastest.  We are continuing to encourage children to access this activities independently during their independent learning time.


In Maths we have been revisiting 3-D shapes and have named them, sorted them and described their properties.  In Phonics and Guided Reading we have focused on blending, writing sounds/words and talking about stories.  We have also continued our songs about 'Our World' in Music and talked about 'Wishes' in Collective Worship.  


The children also enjoyed taking part in their first Open the Book assembly on Monday.  They were brilliant!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 10th March 2017

We have had a wonderful week in Reception this week.  We started the week by introducing the children to Rainbow Challenges.  These are independent challenges that the children can do during their independent learning time and cover a range of areas e.g. Maths, Writing, Creative, Construction, Outdoor.  They provide children with an opportunity to work in all areas of the provision and also manage their own learning.  When they do an activity, they get a coloured lolly stick to put in their pot.  If they do all the activities, they get a well done sticker.  Already, we have seen the children enjoying these challenges and working as independent learners.  It has been lovely to see.


After World Book Week last week, we have returned to our living and growing topic.  We have read 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle and looked specifically at seasons.  The children have also watched a time-lapse clip of a seed growing and described what happens.  All the children have also planted seeds and we can't wait to see them growing.


We have focused on reinforcing sounds already learnt in phonics, with some children learning new digraphs.  All guided reading groups will have worked with an adult by the end of today and some children will have read individually also.


In Maths we have concentrated on recognising numbers and adding this week.  We have used objects to add and begun to use number lines to look at numbers that come next.  Please remember that the Maths Parents workshop will be held on Wednesday 15th March at 5pm.  We hope to see you there.


In Collective Worship we linked our discussions to seeds and how good things can come from tiny beginnings.  The children listened to a parable that Jesus told about a little mustard seed growing into a large plant enjoyed by birds.  In Music we have continued to learn action songs and rhymes about Our World.


We are very excited about Friday afternoon as we are having our ACE behaviour prize.  Mrs Fox awards a prize to the best behaved class/classes in school and they can choose a prize.  We won and we are having an explore of the adventure playground and a DVD.  There may even be some popcorn!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 3rd March 2017

We have had a fantastic World Book Week this week!  The children looked brilliant in their night clothes on Monday and enjoyed their hot chocolate and story time.  They also enjoyed a range of book related activities in our class and elsewhere in school during the author morning on Wednesday. The children behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We ended the week with the children having a special guest to read them a story - Miss Strong, the Year 3 teacher - during a mystery reader session.


Later in the week we focused on a class book, Puff the Magic Dragon, which has fantastic illustrations and went with the children's interests in pirate ships, islands and adventure.  It is a book based on the well-known song.  Ask your child to sing you a bit of the song as we have been learning it and playing it with percussion instruments this week.  Children decided they wanted to make caves out of a variety of materials inside and outside the classroom; role play the story; write about Puff and draw pictures of Puff and Little Jackie Paper.  They also used play dough and box modelling to make Puff and things he might need such as a cave, bed and food!  It was very creative!


On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day and made pancakes.  This went with our Maths topic for the week where we have focused on weighing different objects accurately in both carpet and group sessions.  We have looked closely at using language such as lighter and heavier and children have predicted which object they thought would be heavier or lighter.


In Phonics some children have been learning new sounds and others have been reinforcing learning to date.  Please continue to practise the sounds in your child's sound book as this really helps. Thank you to those parents who read regularly with their child as this gives them the opportunity to regularly practise blending. 


In Collective Worship we looked at the rainbow as a symbol of hope and read the story of Noah's Arc.  We also talked about Desmond Tutu and his work in South Africa where he used the rainbow as a symbol of all people being equal.  Thank you for sending in your Learning Pool homework this week.  It was a pleasure to look at and share with the class.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 24th February 2017

It was wonderful to see the children back in school this week and hear all about their holiday news!

The children also had an opportunity to write about what they had been doing in the holidays during our group writing sessions.


This week, we started our new topic about Life and Growth.  We asked the children what they would like to do during the topic so we are expecting lots of planting, growing and gardening activities over the next few weeks. We have also talked about seasons and what we need to do to plant some seeds that Mrs Lowe's children were given over the holidays.


 We also asked the children what we could do to improve the outdoor area and they came up with fantastic ideas that we will put into action as the weather gets warmer.  The children have had the opportunity to use the tablets, explore plant books and plant magazines during their Independent Learning Time.  There has also been an opportunity to play with farm toys and explore and sort different kinds of seeds  We have also set up the role play area as a vets' surgery which is proving very popular.


Another introduction this week, has been to give each child a free writing book that they can write in whenever they wish.  The children have greeted this opportunity enthusiastically and it has been lovely to see how much they are choosing to write when working around the classroom.


In phonics we have been consolidating learning so far by practising blending sounds.  We have also focused on high frequency words that children should know by the end of the year.  All children have also read as part of guided reading groups and some have read individually too.


Our maths work has focused on number bonds to ten and included activities to find what is left when one amount is removed e.g. using pegs on a coat hanger.  Children have also worked on splitting 10 into two groups, with some children recording these as number sentences.


Our new Collective Worship theme is Hope and we started yesterday by talking about when Simeon met Jesus.  In Music we will be singing songs related to 'Our World' this week.  The children always enjoy these music sessions.


You should all have received a paper copy of our class newsletter this week.  Please check this for important dates and information.  On Monday we start our World Book Week activities and children are invited to come to schools dressed in pyjamas or onesies!  It would be lovely if children could bring in their favourite bedtime stories to share in class. There will be a range of reading and book-related activities throughout the week.  In addition, you should have received a text inviting you to book a slot for parents evening at the end of March.  Please let us or the office know if you have any difficulties doing this so we can help sort them out.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 10th February 2017

We can hardly believe that we have completed another half-term in Reception.  The children have been fantastic and continue to wow us with their superb behaviour and wonderful learning.  This week we have finished our work on traditional tales.  Early in the week we focused on The Elves and the Shoemaker and finished the week by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The children enjoyed joining in with the stories and we focused on retelling the stories and writing sentences together.  In their independent learning time, the children undertook a range of activities such as acting out the stories, ordering the size of shoes, counting things in the stories and making things for characters such as a blanket for baby bear.


On Tuesday (and part of Monday) we focused on Internet Safety Day.  The children were brilliant at remembering what they should do if something happened on the Internet that they were unsure of or worried about.  Smartie the Penguin helped us to work out what to do.  See if your child can sing you Smartie's song (  The children designed posters and we hope you enjoyed coming into class at the end of the day if you could make it.


In Phonics, some children have learnt er.  Other children have continued to focus on blending.  The  week was spent recapping learning so far and really focusing on reinforcing sounds learnt.  If you would like to do any learning activities over the holiday, any time you can spend on ensuring your child recognises the sounds in their sound book and high frequency words would be fantastic.  Children have been read during group and individual reading sessions this week.


In Maths we have focused on pattern.  Children have also had opportunity to do a range of maths activities in their independent learning time, for example the shoe ordering mentioned above.


We have loved seeing the creative work your children have done this half-term as part of their Learning Pool.  It is always a pleasure to share these in class.  We have also spent time in Collective Worship continuing to think about Esther and how she saved her people.  


Today the children will have a very special afternoon as it is Panto time!  Oh, yes it is!

Have a wonderful half term break!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves





Week ending 3rd February 2017

We have had a lovely week filled with traditional tales.  We started the week by reading Rapunzel and focused on the key events, creating a story map.  We then turned our attention to the Enormous Turnip and ended the week with the Gingerbread Man.  The children have been fantastic at deciding how they will take their learning forward each day and use their independent learning time. Activities have included role play, retelling the stories with puppets, writing about the stories and drawing characters. In PE the children acted out the Enormous Turnip and focused on pushing and pulling. We are ending the week with decorating Gingerbread Men and will be retelling the story as we do so.  Our writing activity this week as focused on children writing as a character from a story we have read using 'I' and being able to tell us what their writing says.


In Maths we have focused on addition and finding 1 more and 2 more.  The children have worked a lot with Numicon both inside and outside this week, as well as using objects during their group maths sessions.  You will all have received a Maths Facts book now.  Please have a look at this with your children and if you have any questions, please ask.


In phonics we have spent a lot of time reinforcing sounds that the children have already learnt.  Some children have moved onto ear/air/ure.  These can be tricky sounds so please look at these at home.  The children have also looked at tricky words this week.  All children have also read in guided reading groups with some being heard at other times also.


In Music we are beginning a new topic, 'Everyone'.  This week's focus is singing songs that we will accompany with percussion instruments next week.  Much of this work focuses on hearing the pulse of the music and rhythm.  In Collective Worship the children heard the story of Esther from the Bible.  This focused on how the queen served her people.  Thank you for all the medals that the children have made when completing their Learning Pool homework.  Many of these are now on the Collective Worship value board in the classroom.  They look fantastic!


If you have not had chance yet, please have a look at Tapestry.  In particular, there is a clip of the children retelling the Little Red Hen which they wanted to video last week.  They did a fantastic job and loved seeing themselves when they were shown it this week.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves






Week ending 27th January 2017


What an exciting week!  We started the week by reading The Little Red Hen and discussing the repetition of language.  The children developed actions and enjoyed retelling the story. We also re-enacted the story inside and outside the classroom and wrote about the story during our group writing sessions. Can your child tell you what happens in the Little Red Hen or show you any of the actions? Our independent task was to make something to help the Little Red Hen.  


In phonics some children have been consolidating existing knowledge, whilst others have started looking at ur/ow/oi.  All children have spent lots of time blending sounds this week.  You may have noticed that your child has read in a guided reading group session this week.  As children are progressing, we have introduced these sessions to embed comprehensions skills such as understanding of the story.  All children get to read during these sessions too.  By the end of Friday the books of all children who have read at home will be changed too.  We will continue to hear children read individually in school though this may not be every week for all children.  If you have any questions about this, please ask!


In Maths this week we have looked again at shape and talked about symmetry.  We ended the week by focusing on how to sort objects e.g. by number of sides or colour. Our group sessions focused on making shapes using geoboards and elastic bands and discussing them.


We have spent a lot of time discussing Chinese New Year as it is this weekend.  This also links to our Little Red Hen work as it is the Year of the Rooster.  The children have played with chopsticks, learnt about the different animals that represent the New Year, created a hand print  dragon, tasted prawn crackers and watched clips of children celebrating New Year.  We hope the children enjoyed opening their fortune cookies with you yesterday!


By the end of Friday we will also have enjoyed sharing our Learning Pool homework in class and learning some more songs as part of our 'Our stories' music topic.  


Please remember you are welcome to come into class every Wednesday at 2.50pm (unless informed otherwise) to share learning activities with your child.  The focus of these sessions will change each week.


It has been a very busy week!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 20th January

We have had a wonderful week exploring our 'Once upon a time' topic.  The children started the week by listening to a different version of 'The Three Little Pigs' called the 'Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.'  They considered the similarities and differences with the story they already knew and joined in with the story later in the week, using actions to perform it.  The children have also planned and created a 'Once upon a time' display and some children have written captions for characters and/or book titles.


This week we have introduced the children to the idea of independent learning challenges where we set a challenge for the children to undertake that week.  In this case it was creating a story character in any way they would like e.g. box modelling, painting, drawing, play dough. The aim of this is to encourage children to take control of their own learning.  We are promoting this by talking about it during carpet time and awarding green dojos to those children who have taken up the challenge.


All children will have read to an adult at least once this week by the end of Friday.  In phonics some children have been working on blending sounds whilst others have been introduced to oo/ar and or.  Phonics books were returned to you in book bags on Thursday.  Please try and practise the sounds and the high frequency words in the other book as it really does help.


In Maths we have been looking at counting objects, actions and sounds and ordinal numbers e.g. first, second, third.  The group sessions have focused on children making animal noises for a given number and other children in the group counting how many times the noises were made.  It has been great fun!  We have also encouraged the children to use their maths skills outside this week so you may well see observations on Tapestry for your child relating to this area.


In RE we have looked at 'The beginning', using the Bible.  The children also went to their first Open the Book assembly this week which they thoroughly enjoyed. In class Collective Worship (Friday this week) we will be looking at food banks as part of our Service topic.  We will also have a noisy music session with lots of percussion instruments in the classroom!


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 13th January 2017

What a wonderful week focusing on our new topic 'Once upon a time...'!  We have spent the week looking at 'The Three Little Pigs.'  The children have acted out and ordered the story; worked in the story role play area; made houses out of different materials outside, in the construction area and box modelling area and made pigs from play dough.  On Thursday, they even created an alternative story called 'The Three Gingerbread People and the Giant' and we created a class story plan with pictures.  The children have also designed a 'Once upon a time....' display board and will be getting creative to fill it over the next few weeks.


In phonics some children have been consolidating knowledge of existing sounds and some children have been learning ai, ee, or, igh and oa.  These sounds have been stuck in the phonics books for the children who need them and will be sent home on Friday. All children will also have read to an adult at least once by the end of Friday.


In maths, we have been looking at how to count effectively by putting objects in a line.  We have also been helping Muddles again to count and sort out problems with his number work.  Another maths session has involved counting backwards using animals getting off a bus.  In our group sessions, the children have been creating towers with different numbers of blocks and deciding who has fewer blocks and who has the most.


RE has focused on rules and why we have them.  In Collective Worship we looked at the story of Peter and the Dyke where a little boy stuck his finger in a hole in a dyke in the Netherlands to stop the town flooding.  The children loved the story.  In music we have used the percussion instruments again to keep the pulse for well-known songs.


You may have noticed on the newsletter that we are going to do class dojo prizes slightly differently. Rather than there being a weekly prize for children with the highest number of dojos, children will receive a prize when they get to 20 green dojos.  For this week, however, as we have not told the children yet, the children with the highest number will receive a prize.  Our new approach will start on Monday.


We loved seeing the Learning Pool homework this week and parents at the parent session on Wednesday.  Please remember that you are welcome to come into the classroom every Wednesday from 2.50.  Please just come to the classroom door.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending the 6th January 2017

Happy New Year!  Thank you again for all your gifts and good wishes over Christmas.  It was lovely to see the children back this week and they have already settled back into school, showing super learning behaviour.


This week we have started our new topic about stories.  We have been focusing initially on traditional tales and their characters that the children know such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.  We will begin looking at specific tales next week.  The children have already done some lovely literacy work about their favourite books. Children have also acted out stories inside and outdoors, made characters from play dough and written about characters independently.  In Music we have continued work on the topic 'my stories' and are beginning to use untuned percussion to accompany songs.


We will also have heard all children read by the end of the week.  Please practise reading at home with your child as it really does make a difference to their blending and fluency.  In phonics we have looked at rhyming, capital letters and their lower case partners and how the children are getting along with their knowledge of high frequency words such as I, the etc.


In Maths we have focused on number formation and writing numbers from 0-10 which we learnt using a song to the tune of Skip to my Lou.  All the children have also had a go at writing the numbers 0-10.  We have also begun to look at ordering numbers and the children helped Muddles (a toy dog) correct his mistakes when ordering the numbers 0-10.


We have begun to look at our new Collective Worship value which is Service for this half term and we talked about awards for service and OBEs, CBEs, MBEs, with a particular focus on Ian Redmond who was given an award for his gorilla conservation work.


Please return any Learning Pool books.  New homework sheets will be stuck in and you will receive the books back, and this half-term's newsletter, early next week.  Library should also resume on Thursday next week.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves




Week ending 16th December 2016

We can hardly believe that the first term is over for our new Reception class.  They have been a joy to teach and other adults and children in school often comment on their super behaviour.  We are extremely proud of them.  


This week has been brilliant!  Thank you for all your wonderful comments about the Nativity....each and everyone one of the children performed their role fantastically well.  We have also enjoyed doing a range of Christmas activities.  The Nativity role play area has proved ever popular.  Children have also enjoyed Christmas creative activities.  Today, a number of children showed interest in a paper chain kit.  They worked as a team to join their paper chains together and then measured the giant chain using children at first, and then a measuring stick.  When the paper chain pieces ran out, children made their own using strips of paper.  They are getting very good at solving problems.


We had a fun-filled party day with dancing and games, food and Father Christmas.  It was lovely that so many parents, grandparents and carers could share in Father Christmas's visit.  We hope there were not too many mishaps with the fragile presents!  Photos of the Nativity, party, Father Christmas visit and more are on our class website page under photos.  


Today we went into assembly and shared in a whole school singing session where Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1, Reception and Choir sang their Christmas songs.  We treated school to another rendition of 'I'm a little donkey'.  It was a lovely occasion for our school family.


Due to our Christmas activities and production we have not heard all readers this week.  This will resume in the New Year.  


Thank you so much for your extremely generous gifts, cards and good wishes. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. We wish you a wonderful, family-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 9th December 2016

We have continued our festive theme this week.  The children have been working hard to learn all the songs and parts for their Nativity next week - you are in for a treat!  We have also been reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson which has a Christmas theme.  The children have hunted for sticks and made their own stick men and women that have been on various adventures.  We have also had a look at rhyming words.


In Maths, we have continued to look at repeating patterns, focused on number 5 and counted and sorted baubles.  Children have also had an opportunity to order numbers with Stick Man on.  In phonics we have looked at sh/ch/th/ng and these will be stuck in the sounds books next week.  All readers have been heard also.  Please continue to hear your child read at home and write in their reading record when you have done so.


Children have also made and decorated hats to wear for Christmas lunch and our party next week; written inserts for their lovely Christmas cards and printed wrapping paper. In Collective Worship, we talked about prayers and blessings, including why we pray and wrote our own class Christmas prayer.


Yesterday was our delicious Christmas lunch.  It was enjoyed by all and there are some photos in the photo section of the class page.  


Next week, is already looking very busy.  As Thursday is party day, we will not be visiting the library.  Children can come in party clothes all day and, as per the previous information on the website, please can all children bring in a plastic/ paper plate with their own party food. Please ensure that the plate is clearly labelled and covered. All foods need to be nut free.  We have put a message on Class Dojo this morning that you will also be invited to see your child receive their present from Santa.  We are just waiting for timings from the Man in the Red Coat!


You have also all received a message saying we can accommodate the number of people you put down on your slips for the Nativity performances.  We look forward to seeing you at either the morning or afternoon performance.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves




Week ending 2nd December 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Reception this week!  We started this week by asking the children what they wanted to learn about Christmas and talked a lot about Christmas traditions. We then focused on learning the Christmas story to help with our understanding for our Nativity performance.  The children have acted out the Nativity in our role play area (complete with bale of hay!) and outside.  They have also ordered pictures of the Nativity story, made Nativity pictures and retold the story. Some children have also started drawing their character in our play and writing a caption to say who they are.


We have also spent time practising our play songs and will focus on words and actions next week.  During Collective Worship we were talking about special gifts and focused on the Wise Men, linking to our Nativity theme.


There was great excitement yesterday when we opened our two advent calendars for the first time - one is an online version with a Victorian seaside Christmas theme and another the children have created with each child making an advent window.  I wonder what will be discovered next!


You will have received your words and phonics books yesterday.Our new sounds are y/z/qu.  Please try and practise these regularly at home - it really helps!  We have also read with all children.  All children who brought back library books should have had their books changed.  Please remember that library day is Thursday.


 In Maths we have continued estimating, looked in detail at the number 4 (we are covering a number a week to reinforce understanding of number), talked about advent numbers and done some work using numicon to create repeating patterns.


We will get back to you about seating allocation for the Nativity performance early next week.  If you have not returned your slip, please do so as we would like to confirm seating as soon as we can.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 25th November 2016

What an exciting week!  You may remember that last week we started building a rocket so the aliens could return home - this was finished this week.  This week we also started by reading Whatever Next by Jill Murphy, the story of baby bear flying to the moon.  During the week, the children read the story, ordered the events in the story, acted it out (both during carpet time and independent learning time) and thought about the language e.g.  other ways of describing moving fast.  Children have also helped finish the papier mache planets, done more invisible writing and made their own names into rockets.


Today we said goodbye to the aliens and took their new rocket to where we found them to blast off when they were ready.  It would have been too dangerous for us to watch! However, some children said they smelt the smoke from the blasters at lunchtime and looked and they were gone.  We sang a song - five little men in a flying saucer to them. Photos will follow on the class page.


In phonics we have moved onto Phase 3 and looked at j,v,w and x.  All children have read with an adult  and changed their library books if they had them.  Please remember that our library day is Thursday and that you can return library books in book bags if you would like to change them on that day.


In maths we have looked at estimation - having a sensible guess - and checked our guesses with counting.  The children have practised this in small groups too.


We have also practised our songs for our nativity. They are sounding brilliant. We will send out slips with your child's part on (though your child already knows this now) and outfits required in the next few days.  If you are struggling, please let us know and we will put something together in school.  We have continued to discuss Respect in Collective Worship, looking at respect for animals this week and talked about what the cross means to the children in RE.


Thank you for your continued effort with the Learning Pool homework.  We have loved sharing what the children have done in class.  The last chance to show the homework this term is the 8th December.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend - and to see you at the Christmas Fair (2-4pm on Saturday 26th November).

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves







Week ending 18th November 2016

What an exciting start to the alien rocket landing in the school grounds that was discovered by Mrs Godley! The children have loved looking after Pippy, Bockabock and  Bleep Bleep all week.  They have explored alien play dough, built a space role play area and played in it and showed the aliens around.  The children have also enjoyed baking alien bread, eating alien food (green jelly) and creating space chalk pictures.  They decided that we needed to fix the rocket so the aliens could get back home but, after many attempts at trying to fix the blasters back on, this did not work.  The latest plan is to make a new space rocket which will be continued next week.  


Today the children received a letter written in alien writing (invisible writing) and they left three pens.  The children decided to write messages and have enjoyed mark making with the invisible pens and then using the UV light to shine on the paper to make their work show!  We will continue this next week.


We have been consolidating understanding of the sounds the children have learnt so far and their blending through phonics sessions and individual reading.  We will be moving on to new sounds very soon so please make sure sound books and high frequency word books are in your child's book bag on a Tuesday as usual.


Our counting work has focused on number rhymes and songs linked to the Space theme.  We have continued to learn our songs for our Nativity and talked about respecting the environment in Collective Worship.


Thank you so much for your generous tombola donations today.  Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.


Week ending 11th November 2016

What a busy week in Reception!  We started the week with an introduction to our Space topic and on Tuesday we received a letter from Max the Alien.  The children have been keen to write back to Max in independent learning time and during their focused group writing sessions.  They have been using their knowledge of phonics to tell Max what they like about school.  Max then wrote back and thanked them for their letters.  Some children also found a couple of hand prints on the shed and were convinced they were from Max when he delivered their reply.  The white marks seemed to be the same as the space dust on the letter! Children have also made alien masks and looked fantastic!


In Maths we have looked at 3-D shapes this week and children worked to identify and build structures using the shapes.  Not susprisingly, many chose to make a rocket following our Space theme and the children are beginning to show a good understanding of what a 3-D shape is and can identify specific shapes and their properties.  We also looked at shapes we see everyday such as sugar cubes and traffic cones.


On Wednesday, the children loved playing in the snow.  On Thursday, the children were introduced to the school library and were able to borrow a book.  Their behaviour during the talk about how the library worked was amazing.  Library books need to be in book bags on a Thursday so children can visit the library and take home a new book.  We also talked about the Good Samaritan as part of our Collective Worship work about Respect.


We commemorated Remembrance Day today.  The children watched an animation about poppies (http;// and we talked about the meaning of Remembrance Day.  Lots of the children were keen to talk about family members and friends who had been or were soldiers and the poppies they were wearing.  We also made a wreath made out poppy hand prints.  The children drew round and cut out their hand prints and these were stuck to a ring.  At 11am we all went onto the playground and shared a 2 minutes silence with the other Key Stage 1 classes. We carried our wreath out and a poppy picture and it is now on our Respect Collective Worship board. We also introduced and started singing our songs for our Christmas Nativity!  You are in for a treat!


It was lovely to see so many parents at the end of today when we had our Art Show.  We hope you enjoyed looking at the Kandinsky paintings, firework pictures and alien masks.   


Have a super weekend!

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.






Week ending 4th November 2016

What a fantastic week!  The children ended on a high when they went to their first assembly.  They behaved amazingly and loved learning about Space.  We then spent the day looking for Max the missing alien....who we spotted peeping through doors and from behind fences!


We have also done lots of learning about 2D shapes as part of our maths work and Art Week.  The children have created Kandinsky paintings and drawn their own shape pictures.  They have also enjoyed naming 2D shapes.


In phonics, we have been practising blending the sounds we know and learning some letter names. We have also focused on learning about Bonfire Night in class, created firework paintings and talked about the sounds fireworks make and firework safety.  There has been much imaginative play outside related to fireworks and bonfires.  The children have also enjoyed exploring our indoor movement area.  We met Respect Renee in Collective Worship who is our new superhero to help us understand this half-term's Christian Value.


Thank you to those parents who came to our phonics and reading meeting tonight.  We will put the slides and extra information on the class page.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves





Week ending 21st October 2016

We can't believe that the first half term has been and gone. It has flown by!  We are very proud of the children for how they have settled into school and their achievement so far.  We can certainly tell that it is going to be a wonderful year!


We have finished our Autumn topic this week, spending time doing counting activities with conkers, making lovely Autumn leaf sun-catchers, doing lots of counting and mark making when playing (both inside and outside).  We have also finished our 'About Me' music topic and our 'Perseverance' Collective Worship topic.  The children are very good at talking about why it is important to try hard and what they have needed to try hard to do.


All children have had some reading time with an adult this week.  We have looked at h/b/f/ff/l/ll and ss in phonics. 


Thank you for your feedback during parents's evening it was lovely to see you all and talk about your fantastic children.  We are looking forward to next half term and have started to plan activities focused on 'Space' as a topic as we have noticed the children are interested in spaceships and rockets in particular.  


Have a wonderful half term break!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 14th October

We have had a fabulous week!  We started with an Autumn walk where we looked at Autumn colours and collected Autumn resources for the classroom, and our work this week.  There are photos of this on the website.  Since then we have made leaf hedgehogs, leaf people, leaf prints, leaf rubbings and masks using playdough and natural resources.  We have also used leaves in counting activities in maths.


In phonics we have introduced some new sounds - ck, e, u and r.  You will have these new sounds in your phonics books.  We have also enjoyed looking at our books with an adult. 


We are really enjoying our music lessons and are focusing on nursery rhymes and action songs.  Ask your child if they can remember any of the songs we have been singing.  In Collective Worship we have focused on the story of Nehremiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem. The children loved acting out parts of the story.


You should have received a couple of reminder texts to say that school is closed to Reception children on Monday due to a family of schools training day.  We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the Parents' Evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  Please remember you are welcome to come and look round the classroom on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th from 8.50 to 9.15.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 7th October 2016

What a lovely week we have had!  The children have well and truly embraced the spirit of Autumn, and Harvest in particular.  We have read stories about farmers, acorns and scarecrows, created a scarecrow, cotton wool sheep, box model tractor and lego print sweetcorn!  Our highlight had to be our performance at the Harvest Welcome!  We loved it and I hope you agree that the children performed brilliantly as well as being so grown up when moving into and out of the Hall.  We are very proud of them and cannot believe they have only been at school for a few weeks.  We will be putting some photos on the photos page so please take a look.


We have continued with our phonics and you will have received the new sounds in your child's sounds book.  All children now have a reading book and it has been a pleasure to share these books with them this week.  Please try and share these books at home - it really makes a difference!  Our number work has been very practical and we have continued with counting and writing numbers inside and outside.  


We talked about the parable of the lost sheep in Collective Worship and we now have one sheep on our Perseverance board that has been separated from its flock on display at the other end of the classroom!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you again for coming to our Harvest Welcome!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 30th September 2016

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic, we focused on our families this week and made lollipop stick family portraits.  We also continued our interest in skeletons and made skeletons using white straws for bones on black paper.  


We are getting really good at knowing some of our sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n, m, d) and have started to blend them to make words.  It really shows when children have been practising at home so thank you for your support with this.  Children have also started doing some practical counting work using resources and we will build on this over the next few weeks.


Our big news is that we have been planning our Harvest performance.  The children planned their performance on Thursday and came up with brilliant ideas for props which we won't spoil at this stage.  We hope to see as many of you as possible next Friday (Harvest Welcome starts at 2.15 in the Hall) and you are in for a treat if we continue to sing as well as we have this week.  

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 23rd September 2016

We have had another busy week in Foundation.  The children started the week by reading 'Once There Were Giants'.   They have since focused on differences between themselves and babies and what they want to be when they grow up.  This week has involved a visit from Mrs Bowman with Henry to talk about babies (there are picture on the photos page), lots of role play and drawing pictures about what they want to be when they are older.  


We have also started our phonics work, including finger writing sounds in salt, and children have come home with a book to practise the sounds we have been learning.  This is really useful if done at home and helps in class.  Please return the sound book everyday as we will be sticking in new sounds as we learn them.  


Children have also been doing some practical maths using our numicon resources; learning new songs in music; had their first PE lesson and talked about trying hard to tell the truth in our class based Collective Worship.  We also ended the week with our reward for ACE behaviour from Mrs Fox - the children decided on a mini disco and DVD (Pingu).


It would be lovely to know from you what your child talks about after school so please do let us know either in person, on class dojo or through Tapestry.

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Stoves and Mrs Morris.



Week ending 16th September

We have had a brilliant week looking at our bodies.  Children have spent time drawing round each other and talking about parts of the body; looked at keeping healthy (including being cheerleaders in the outside area) and talked about skeletons and the book 'Funny Bones' - a class favourite.  We have had some very creative bodies made with resources in the outdoor area, as well as skeletons made from box modelling materials.  We have also started a new music topic called 'Me!' and introduced our whole school Christian Value 'Perseverance' or, as we know it, trying really hard and keeping going. Children have also done some mark making to record what they have enjoyed about school so far and painted their portraits.  It was lovely to look at the Learning Pool homework sent in this week - thank you!  


It has been a very busy week!  Have a super weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.

Our First Week!

We have had a super first week, playing and making new friends.  All the children have settled brilliantly and we are very proud of them!  They may mention that they have been playing 'Bug in a Rug' to get to know each others names, singing lots and listening to lots of stories.  The children have also enjoyed getting to know their buddies and spent some time listening to them read stories in the classroom and outside on Friday.  If you have any boxes, tubes or other items that could be used for box modelling, we would be grateful to receive them as we have a very creative class and the children are quickly getting through the resources we have!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves