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We have worked really hard on learning multiplication and have a good understanding of it. We are learning about division alongside multiplication and we will use the skills we have learnt to help us solve our division questions. We are using the words 'share equally' when talking about division and using jottings to share an amount of objects equally between a certain number of groups.


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We will be focusing on multiplication skills for the next couple of weeks. Making sure we are learning our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table mentally so we know the answers by heart. We will also be using objects to solve problems as well as written methods like repeated addtion, arrays and jottings where we make groups to find an answer to a question.

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We will be focusing on money for the next couple of weeks. Making sure we understand the value of coins and notes. We will also be adding coins to create amounts. If you could show your child what coins you use to pay for items in a shop or if you pick priced item and ask them what different coins they could use to pay for it. It helps bring to life what we have been learning in the classroom!

Many thanks, Mrs Mulholland


We are working on subtraction on a numberline. It is a very similar method to the addition except we count backwards and underneath on the numberline! Please see me if you would like me to discuss the methods.



We are practising answering addition using a numberline. Please click the document link below.  Some children are starting on the first numberline where children find their answers on a given numberline.


For the next step some children are starting to draw their own numberline to solve addition. Like the second image below. 


Addition- numberline


We are going to be focusing on addition and subtraction for the next couple of weeks. Please see our calculation policy for the methods we will be using in class and please see me to find out which is the preffered method for your child in case you/they would like to practice it at home.


This week we have continued looking at place value of numbers and focusing on looking at patterns we see for example odd and even numbers.

We have also been looking at part whole models to partition numbers like this here and the attached document below this.

Image result for classroom secrets part whole model


Part whole model 28.09.18


Hi all, the past couple of weeks and the upcoming weeks we are focusing on the place value of a number. Thinking about our numbers to 100 and understanding how many tens and ones are in each number.

The class have really enjoyed games we have played on this website here. There are lots of different maths, English and science games for the children to enjoy if you would like to check it out.