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Class Work


Autumn 1 Week 3

Mrs Young

We have been reading and writing numbers up to 1000 in numerals and words and also completing problem solving activities using lists and tables.



Autumn 1 Week 2

Mrs Young

The children have been continuing their work on place value by comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000.


Mrs Doughty

This week the children have been adding ones (units) to 2 and 3 digit numbers, using HTU grids to support their understanding. 


Autumn 1 Week 1 

Mrs Young

The children have completed a pre-assessment of 'Place Value' to show their prior knowledge. From this, they have completed some activities to show that they recognise the place value of each digit in a 3 digit number (hundreds, tens, ones) e.g. 519 = 500  846 = 40  207 = 7


Mrs Doughty

The children have continued work on place value, and been adding and subtracting multiples of 100 to 3 digit numbers.