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Week ending 20th July

We have had a wonderful last week in Reception.  Thank you for all your gifts, cards and good wishes.  We have loved teaching your children and wish you a wonderful and fun holiday!


Lots of love,

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 13th July

It is hard to believe that next week will be the children's last week in Reception!  They have all done brilliantly this year and we are so proud of their progress.  You will get your child's report today.  Please fill in the parental comment sheet and return to school as your feedback is so vital.


This week we have been really lucky to have Saana (our volunteer) to talk to us about Syria.  She also brought with her some Syrian treats.  Saana was a teacher in Syria and we are so grateful for all the work she does voluntarily with the children each week.  We also talked about India and the differences between an Indian village and where we live.


In Maths we have looked at odd and even and counting in 2s.  All children have read and we have been practising writing skills in phonics, applying what we have learnt this year.


The children had a fantastic time on Thursday with Mrs Furnival in Year 1.  She has also visited the children in class and is looking forward to getting to know them further.  All our other work this week has been 'top secret' for our performance next week.  Suffice to say there has been a lot of preparation. 


On Thursday, the children will walk to Church for an end of year service. It will be a busy last week.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 6th July

We have loved exploring 'Handa's Surprise' this week.  The children have talked about the book, made African shadow pictures, weaved baskets and made up number stories for Handa.  Lots of work has gone into preparing for our end of year show this week....but that is secret!  


In Maths we have focused on subtraction and counting back.  We have particularly looked at number stories.  During the group sessions the children have played a game where they roll a dice and subtract the number of 'fruit' from Handa.  They loved doing this and have got really good at subitising this year (instantly recognising numbers on a dice without counting).  Children have also done some 'data-Handaling' this week!


On Tuesday, the children enjoyed their village walk.  Thank you to those parents/carers who came too.  The children also enjoyed playing tennis on Wednesday.


We have been so impressed with how the children have coped with the heat this week.  Thank you for sending hats, suncream, waterbottles.  It looks like the sunny weather is due to continue for a while so please keep doing this.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 29th June

What an amazing week!  The children have been brilliant and we have spent very little time in the classroom.  That said, all children have had their books changed and read!  We have spent very little time in the classroom so the challenges from last week were carried over.


This week the children have walked or run around the field (every day from Monday to Thursday), played a range of sports and done mindfulness and yoga activities, brought their bikes and scooters to school and played on inflatables at Prince Henry's.  


We finished the week with Sports Day today and the children were fantastic.  We were so proud of them!  Thank you so much to the parents and grandparents who came to cheer the children on.  Mrs Lowe may never recover from her races though!  


After Independent Learning Time this afternoon, the children were rewarded for filling the pasta jar.  They watched Minions and had ice lollies.  A perfect finish to a brilliant week.


Please remember our village walk next week.


Have a wonderful, sunny weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 22nd June

What a busy week!  We have focused on 'The Gruffalo' for our trip and 'Around the World'.  The children loved hearing the story and joining in with parts.  They also talked about the characters and some children wrote descriptions of characters (this will continue next week). The challenges focused on retelling the story with finger puppets, creating a creature like the Gruffalo and making a home for a character in the Gruffalo.  We also encouraged the children to write in special free writing books (where they could write about what they wanted) and add words to a rhyming wall.


A highlight of the week was Mrs Havas coming to talk to us about Slovakia.  She brought brilliant pictures, Emily wore traditional dress and sang a song and the children got to try Slovakian baking.


In Maths we have focused on subtraction and, in particular, counting back.  We made up number stories and looked at counting back along a number track.  The children also did a subtraction group activity with practical resources.


We have focused on reinforcing sounds in Phonics.  Children may not have read this week due to the trip but all books have been changed.  In PE we have been getting ready for Sports Day (22nd June at 10.30).  


The highlight of the week was the trip.  The children were absolutely brilliant at Nell Bank and coped really well with the delay in transport back - thank you for being so understanding but the coach company let us down, despite all our paperwork being correct.  They have acknowledged it was their mistake.  Anyway, to be positive, we had an amazing time looking for the characters in the story, hunting for minibeasts, pond dipping, crawling through tunnels in the Fox's house, making magical Gruffalo crumble and houses for the Little Brown Mouse in the woods.  We will put some photos on Tapestry over the next few days.


Please remember to bring any entries for our Flower, Fruit and Veg show next Friday (29th June) and come and support the children from 10.30 for Sports Day.  It is sports clothes all week next week as we will be doing a range of sporting activities.


Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the Summer Fair on Saturday!

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 15th June 

What a busy week!  We started the week by talking about Atlases, what type of book they are and what they are used for.  We then went on to look at Europe and talk about Germany (where Mrs Stoves grew up).  We also looked at a German fairytale:  Rumplestiltskin.  What can your child tell you about Germany?  One of our Rainbow challenges asked the children to create their own flags; another asked them to write a list of where they had been on holiday and another asked them to create a famous landmark indoors or outdoors.


In Maths we used the book 'One is a snail, Ten is a Crab' which looks at how many feet different creatures have. We made up our own number stories.  In Independent Learning Time, children showed lots of counting on skills when they played games or made their own (one of our Rainbow Challenges).


In Phonics we have spent lots of time practising digraphs.  We have also looked at the difference between I and igh which lots of children muddle up.  All children have read in a group and/or independently.  There has been a tricky words hunt in the classroom where children had to find tricky words with a magnifying glass...or use their very good eyesight.


In your child's bookbag there is a very special something for Sunday.  This was another challenge this week!  In PE we have practised for Sports Day in a couple of weeks.


Obviously, the highlight of the week was today's Bible Assembly.  It was lovely to see how delighted they were to receive their bibles from their buddies.  They sang brilliantly!  Thank you so much to those parents and family members who could make it.


Next week promises to be a very busy week again and we are all looking forward to the trip on Friday.  We will text a reminder about what to bring...let's hope the weather is kind!


Have a wonderful weekend and Father's Day!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves




Week ending 8th June

It has been lovely to see the children back in school this week and hear about their holiday adventures!  This week we have started our topic 'Around the World' where we will focus on different countries over the next few weeks.  We began the week by looking at 'My Cat Likes' which is a lovely story where a cat visits countries around the World.  We thought about which countries we would like to learn about and then what the children know about different countries. 


We have also talked about where children have been around the World and focused on what the children know about England (to help the children to compare countries to where they live over the next few weeks).  Our challenges have mainly focused on the new topic e.g. creating a picture of somewhere they have loved visiting; telling a friend about a favourite holiday; pretending they are going on a journey.  The children have also had the opportunity to make globes.


In Maths we have focused on 'counting on' to add.  This has been very practical and the children have practised these skills by playing 'Snakes and Ladders' with Mrs Morris. The children have also been practising their estimation skills as well as their number sense skills (where they think about numbers within numbers e.g. 7 can be seen as 4 and 3 or 5 and 2 etc).


In Phonics we have been doing lots of applying work, particularly writing sounds in words.  One of our challenges focused on the children playing tricky words jenga.  Children will have read in Guided Reading groups and/or individually this week.


Our PE has focused on multi-skills to prepare the children for Sports Day and in Music we will be practising our song for the Bible Assembly (Friday 15th June at 2.50pm) where the children will receive bibles from their Year 6 buddies.  We are looking forward to this lovely event.


Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 25th May

The children have thoroughly enjoyed STEM week this week.  They have tried to build the tallest tower they can outside; weighed different sized objects and participated in workshops such as the one where the children observed a Van de Graaf generator today. 


We have been looking at story writing in Literacy and talked about what we need to include in our writing.  Today, the children developed a checklist that they will use to self-check their writing next half-term.  Our phonics work has supported the children with their sentence writing and children have also independently written stories during group writing sessions.


In Maths we have been looking at time, including what we can use to measure time and different times of the day.  


The children have taken advantage of the good weather this week and spent lots of time outside doing a range of activities such as playing games, giving them an opportunity to score and practise their number skills.  Today we looked at the Learning Pool homework, which is always a highlight of our week.  


Thank you for all your support this half term.  We have been so impressed with the progress the children have made and look forward to preparing them for Year One next half-term.


Have a wonderful holiday.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves







Week ending 18th May

Lots of outdoor activity this week as we continue our topic about growing!  On Thursday we spent all day outside as it was 'Outdoor Classroom' Day.  The children planted seeds and plants, searched for minibeasts and visited the Peace Garden with their Year 6 buddies where they re-enacted 'We are Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen.


In Literacy this week, we have focused on narrative and how stories are written, using a story mountain.  This looks at how a story is structured in terms of setting, problem, how the problem is solved, ending and characters.  Can your child tell you a familiar story using these ideas (e.g. where is the story set, who are the characters, what problem do they face)?  One of our Rainbow Challenges has focused on telling a story to a grown up, another has focused on creating a puppet character for a story and another has asked children to paint their setting for a story.  Phonics and reading have happened as usual, with one of the challenges asking children to read sentences and match them to pictures.


In Maths we have looked at halving, including where we see halves in real-life, how we can halve shapes and quantities and solving halving problems.  The children have done really well with this and shown a good understanding of what 'half' means.  One of the Rainbow Challenges has asked children to find halves of shapes.


Other learning sessions have focused on the Royal Wedding and the meaning of crosses (as part of Collective Worship).  Today the children will have a reward of a film and snack as they have worked together to fill a jar of pasta with their good behaviour.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the Wedding (or whatever else you choose to do).

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris, Mrs Stoves 




Week ending 11th May

It has been a short week this week....but definitely action packed!  Our growing topic has introduced plants this week and we have looked at 'The Little Seed' by Eric Carle, as well as talking about the lifecycle of a plant.  The children had remembered lots about lifecycles from looking at the chicks, especially that they go 'round and round'.  The children have also written to the farmer who is looking after the chicks now to tell him/her what they need so we are still using the chicks as a stimulus in our learning.


Our Rainbow challenges have included lots of outdoor learning:  estimate how much soil each container will hold and then count the spoonfuls; create a picture using things linked to our topic (seeds, blossom etc); find 3 different ways to travel round the playground.  There has also been a fine motor activity to make a picture or pattern using the peg boards and digraph hunt using magnifying glasses.


In Maths we have looked at capacity, including the vocabulary 'full', 'empty', 'half full', 'half empty'.  This is useful vocab to weave into discussions at home.  The children have also been able to experience what this means in practice through activities such as the rainbow challenge above.


Lots of writing in phonics this week to reinforce sounds the children have learnt.  We will get back to normal with reading next week as we lost a day this week and staff were out of the classroom due to Moderation.  All books that have been read will have been changed.


In Collective Worship we told the story of Gordon Wilson who forgave the people who had killed his daughter in the Remembrance Day bomb in Ireland.  An emphasis was put on the fact this was a long time ago and it was treated as a story we can learn from. It led into a discussion about soldiers and World War 1, as well as Jesus on the cross and how he forgave people.  The children were fascinated and so articulate.  It's hard to believe they are four and five.


Have a lovely weekend.

Let's hope the weather stays nice.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 4th May (Star Wars Day)

Today was a sad day in Reception.  We said goodbye to Brucie, Pepper, Sunshine and Rainbow as they headed back to the farm where they were laid.  They didn't want to get caught in the Tour de Yorkshire traffic!  There has been a continued focus on the chicks this week with the children writing their own fact files about their favourite chick during Independent Learning time.  We have been very impressed with these.


Our Literacy work has linked to the chicks and we have focused on retelling, acting out and developing a story map for the Little Red Hen.  Our phonics work has also linked to this with a focus on reading sentences related to chicks.  We have also been working on reinforcing recognition of sounds and writing sounds.Guided reading and individual reading has taken place as usual.


In Maths sessions, and through our Rainbow Challenges, we have focused on measuring.  We have measured the length of the chicks with cubes, measured outside with various resources and ordered the measuring worms (made of plastic in the classroom).  Today we talked about weight and weighed the chicks.  Can your child remember which was the heaviest chick and why that might be?


In Collective Worship today we talked about the hymn "Amazing Grace" that was written by John Newton.  We looked at John Newton's life and how he asked forgiveness from God for the bad things he had done.  Some children were then inspired to draw pictures of John on his boat for our Collective Worship wall.


We will round of the week with Maths Workshop with a focus on measuring and playdough caterpillars; and continuing to learn Big Bear Funk in Music.  One of the Rainbow Challenges this week has asked the children to write and perform their own songs for the class.  If your child has done this, they may like to perform their song for you over the Bank Holiday weekend.


Have a lovely Bank Holiday and see you on Tuesday.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 27th April

What a wonderful week in Reception!  We have continued to focus on our growing topic, especially in relation to the chicks.  All the children have had an opportunity to hold a chick and describe what it feels like.  We have also talked about how the chicks are changing.  One of our rainbow challenges asked children to create an egg or a chick using our craft resources.


In Literacy we have written information booklets about the chicks.  The children have also been interviewers and asked each other questions (and given answers) about the chicks.  There were brilliant questions and answers.


This week we have focused on doubling in Maths.  The children have doubled objects and numbers.  They have also solved problems e.g. a ladybird has 3 spots on one side and 3 on the other side (double 3).  How many does it have altogether?


In Phonics some children have been consolidating sounds and others have learnt new sounds.  Our phonics work has been supported by our rainbow challenge focusing on children spotting objects on an eyespy poster and using their phonics to write what they see.  All children will have read in a group and/or individually this week.


Our Collective Worship story this week was about Zacchaeus.  Mrs Lowe taught the children a song about him that she learnt when she was little.  Can your child remember any of it or tell you about Zacchaeus?  


We have also enjoyed a visit to the Peace Garden; using ball skills in PE; learning Big Bear Funk in Music and will look at the lovely Learning Pool homework today.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 20th April

What an exciting week in Reception! The eggs arrived on Monday and it was a very long wait until there was any sign of hatching!  Mrs Worsnop was getting quite worried.  Thankfully, on Thursday morning the first chick hatched and by Friday morning we had three more!  They definitely need names now!  


Our class work has focused on our new topic this week - "Let's Grow!"  We have continued to promote independence in their Independent Learning Time through the rainbow challenges.  The children have planted seeds, made models/created pictures of things that grow and learnt about how chicks develop from eggs.  On Wednesday, the children went on a Spring walk to look at new signs of life and growth.  We have been outside a lot this week. The children have also written about their Easter holidays.  It sounds like you all had a wonderful time!


In Maths we have focused on 3D/solid shapes this week.  If you are out and about this weekend,  can your child spot any 3D shape in the environment?  They can even do this at home! 


In phonics we are revisiting sounds with some children, especially those tricky trigraphs like igh, ure and ear.  Other children have moved on to learning Phase 3 sounds.  We will start Guided Reading next week and we hope to have heard all children read by the end of the week.


In Collective Worship we started talking about Forgiveness and looked at the story of the Prodigal son.  In Music we will start 'Big Bear Funk' today.


On Thursday, the children tried to work out what Mrs Lowe's pictures showed.  At the end of the day she revealed it was a prehistoric forest on Redcar beach that had been revealed by the 'Beast from the East'.  It will be covered up by sand during the next big storm but the children were fascinated!


As the weather is getting warmer, please ensure your child comes to school with a hat, waterbottle and already applied suncream (once a day suncream is ideal or they need to be sent to school with a bottle also that they can be supervised reapplying).


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves





Week ending 29th March

We have had a short but lovely week in Reception.  The children have fully embraced all our Easter challenges.  They have been designing Easter eggs, writing Easter stories, making Easter cornflake cakes, matching Numicon to numbers on Easter eggs and trying to move toy chicks with tweezers (fine motor).


In Literacy we have been looking at the Easter story and ordering events in it.  We have also shared other Easter stories such as the one brought by the Easter Bunny today. He also brought an Easter Snoopy DVD. Ask your child about the footprints in the classroom this morning.  


In Maths we have been working on identifying 2d shapes and their properties.  The children have done a shape activitiy where they identified shapes within a larger picture.  They have also been hunting for shapes outside and making them with outdoor resources.  Some children also participated in Maths Workshop (those who missed the opportunity to solve problems last week).  


In Phonics we have been recapping on sounds learnt.  All children have read either as part of a group and/or individually. 


Yesterday we said goodbye to Miss Lister.  It has been lovely having her in the classroom but she has now returned to the school where she is based to finish her training.


We wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris, Mrs Stoves and Miss Lister





Week ending 23rd March

It is beginning to look like Easter in Reception this week.  We have been really impressed with how many children have done the rainbow challenges this week.  They are really taking control of their own learning!  This week we have looked at materials and recycling as part of our 'People who help us' topic and they have loved sorting materials, especially using our recycling station.  We have also had visits from Mrs Howarth (the catering manager), Mrs Wilson (the vet nurse) and Josh Green's Mum who is a firefighter. 


In Literacy the children have been going on a materials hunt round the classroom and writing down the things they have found using their phonics.  In Phonics some children have done 'er' and 'ure', others have been doing 'igh' and some children have been practising their blending.  All children will have read in Guided Reading groups or individually.


In Maths we have been looking at subtraction (practically and through recording).  Over the next two weeks in Maths Workshop we will be having a particular focus on problem solving. The children have demonstrated a great understanding of sharing already.


In RE the children talked about and watched a clip of the Chevin Cross being erected.  They were very interested in this and we are sure they would love to visit if you can find time. We have also been practising our songs ready for Church today.  The children sound fabulous and we are looking forward to singing loudly.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris, Mrs Stoves and Miss Lister



Week ending 16th March

It as been wonderful to have a full week without snow this week!  We have made the most of it and the children have continued with their topic about 'People who help us'.  In Literacy the children have been focusing on sentence structure and constructing a sentence.  Can you child tell you about what you need in a sentence?  During Independent Learning Time, the children have enjoyed undertaking the new challenges.  In particular, the physical laser beam challenge outside was particularly popular.


In Maths the children have built on their learning about 'less than' to begin to understand subtraction.  They have developed number stories about what is left e.g. There are 5 friends.  Three go in the tent.  How many are left outside?


We had a wonderful time on Thursday Morning as part of our rearranged World Book Day celebrations.  The children all enjoyed the activities they went to and were brilliantly behaved and enthusiastic.  We also enjoyed looking at the books that had been brought into school - thank you for sending them in!


Next Friday we are going to Church so we have started to learn some Spring and Easter songs.  The children really enjoyed the 'Spring Chicken' song in particular.  Can they sing it to you?

Thank you for all the Learning Pool homework this week.  We loved sharing it in class.  Thank you also to those parents and grandparents who have been to our parent session this week. We love having you in the classroom, as do the children. This week's session was the last one this term as we are at Church next week.  Next term parent sessions will be on Tuesday mornings.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris, Mrs Stoves and Miss Lister



Week ending 7th March

It has been a very busy week in Reception.  We have loved having our visitors in to talk about their jobs - thank you Mrs Salt and PC Lewis. We have also spent a lot of time looking at Fairtrade and practising for our performance during a whole-school Fairtrade assembly today.  The children did brilliantly and the whole school enjoyed joining in with the clapping parts.  Can you child remember any of the words to the song?


In Literacy we have been looking at questions to ask our visitors and rhyming.  In Maths we have focused on counting on to add and also finding how many altogether.  The children are mastering these skills well.


All children have read to an adult as part of a group and/or individually.  In phonics we have concentrated on learning some new sounds.  Children have had their sound books and tricky word books updated.  Please practise at home with your child as it really helps with sound recognition.


We hope you like the special card your child has brought home this week.  They have worked really hard to make them special.  We also looked at loud/quiet and fast/slow in Music this week.

Next Friday will be the last parent session this half-term as we are at Church on the 23rd and the following Friday is Good Friday.  We are hoping that World Book Day will be celebrated in school next long as there is no more snow!!!!


Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris, Mrs Stoves and Miss Lister

Week ending 2nd March

Despite the snow, we have made the most of our new topic this week.  The children have enjoyed exploring the vetinary surgery that has been set up in the roleplay area.  They have also looked at topic-based fiction and non fiction books in Literacy.  In Maths, we have begun to look at addition using language such as '2 and 5 makes 7'.


We have not been able to hear all children read this week but all books have been changed. In Phonics children have been blending or exploring new sounds.  We have collected in all sound books and tricky word books to update them next week.


On Monday the children went to a Fairtrade assembly as part of Fairtrade fortnight.  We will be continuing our learning about Fairtrade next week.  We are also planning to hold a delayed World Book Day, as well as having some visitors come in to talk about helping others.  


Thank you for sending in the first batch of new Learning Pool homework.  We loved sharing it today.

Have a lovely weekend in the snow!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Miss Lister, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 23rd February

We have had a wonderful week in Reception this week and it has been lovely to see the children back.  We have also welcomed Miss Lister who will be teaching in Reception for the next six weeks as part of her teaching qualification.  We started the week by introducing the children to Rainbow Challenges.  These are independent challenges that the children can do during their independent learning time and cover a range of areas e.g. Maths, Writing, Creative, Construction, Outdoor.  They provide children with an opportunity to work in all areas of the provision and also manage their own learning.  When they do an activity, they get a coloured lolly stick to put in their pot.  If they do all the activities, they get a 5 green dojos.  Already, we have seen the children enjoying these challenges and working as independent learners.  It has been lovely to see.


We have started to explore our 'People who help us' topic.  The children have painted a picture of someone who helps us.  They have also started to explore information books about the topic. Some children will also make traffic light biscuits this week.


We have focused on reinforcing sounds already learnt in phonics, with some children learning new digraphs.  All guided reading groups will have worked with an adult by the end of Friday and some children will have read individually also.


In Maths we have concentrated on recognising teen numbers this week.  We have particularly focused on how teen numbers are made.  Ask your child if they can tell you what each digit represents/means.


In Collective Worship we started our work on Trust by talking about the meaning of trust and who we trust.  We then talked about the story of the 'Boy who cried wolf'.  


On Friday, the children will attend a special assembly about World Book Day and choose activities for next Thursday. You should have received a letter about World Book Day by the end of the week.  You will also receive your child's Learning Pool book with this half term's activity choices.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stove

Week ending 9th February

We can hardly believe that we have completed another half-term in Reception.  The children continue to wow us with their wonderful learning.  This week we have finished our work on traditional tales and have focused on The Billy Goats Gruff.  The children enjoyed joining in with the story and we focused on retelling the story, writing 'Wanted' posters for the troll, troll paintings and building bridges in the Peace Garden with the buddies.  We also looked at characters and settings.  Tomorrow, some children will bake troll heads for the class to share!  


On Tuesday (and part of Wednesday) we focused on Internet Safety Day.  We also really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year at our workshop.  The lady who visited commented on how well behaved and engaged the children were.


In Phonics, some children have learnt oa.  Other children have continued to focus on blending.  The  week was spent recapping learning so far and really focusing on reinforcing sounds learnt. If you would like to do any learning activities over the holiday, any time you can spend on ensuring your child recognises the sounds in their sound book and high frequency words would be fantastic.  Children have read during group and individual reading sessions this week.


In Maths we have focused on teen numbers.  It would be wonderful if you could work with your child to recognise teen numbers and ask them what they remember about teen numbers e.g. what does the 1 mean in 14 (ten)?  Children have also had opportunity to do a range of maths activities in their independent learning time, for example ordering different sized goats.  They have also all participated in another Maths Workshop.  Many children this week chose to reinforce and explore their learning about teen numbers this week.


We have loved seeing the creative work your children have done this half-term as part of their Learning Pool.  It is always a pleasure to share homework in class.   


On Friday the children will have a very special afternoon as it is Panto time!  Oh, yes it is!

Have a wonderful half term break!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 2nd February

What a busy week!  The children have had a wonderful time exploring 'Hansel and Gretel.  They have explored the story during Literacy sessions, including thinking of sentences for the beginning, middle and end of the story.  Other activities have included: decorating the shed as a sweetie house, making trails with Year 6 in the Peace Garden, creating box modelling houses/paper houses, moving like story characters in PE and our baking group will be making jewelled biscuits tomorrow.


In Maths we have looked at 10, money and repeating patterns.  The children also visited the bungalow today to take part in Maths Workshops.  These will be held weekly and the children will work in gender groups.  The focus is Personal, Social and Emotional Development as well as Maths and we will look at the skills needed to be a good mathematician and how to use a range of resources, with the children following their own interests/how they want to challenge themselves.  We are looking forward to seeing how these new groups develop over the coming weeks. You will be able to see on Tapestry what your child was doing today in their introductory session.


In Phonics some children have been consolidating knowledge, whilst others have been introduced to the sounds ng, ai, ee (and igh on Friday).  Where relevant new sounds have been stuck into sound books which were sent home with your child on Thursday.  Please practise these sounds as it really does make a difference to reading and writing skills. All children will have read as part of a group and/or individually in school.


In Collective Worship we looked at the life of Mother Teresa today (and her Nobel Peace Prize).  The children were really interested in finding out about her.  In Music tomorrow, we will continue using instruments and getting used to following instructions about when to start and stop playing.


Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 26th January

Our focus for the week has been 'The Princess and the Pea'.  The children have explored the story fully.  In Literacy they have focused on labelling and alliteration.  Inspired by princess and pea, they made up their own stories such as the teacher and the tomato.  The children have also explored whether the princess could feel the pea outside, made play dough peas and counted them, acted out the story and used construction materials to make the mattresses and peas.  


In Maths we have focused on the number 9; recognised the place of numbers on a number line; talked about groups with more and fewer and thought about the timeline for the 'Princess and the Pea' story.  Our group Maths activity was focused on children creating mattresses for their bed and counting how many.  This led to discussions about more and less and what happened when they put one more on/took one off.  Some children will also bake on Friday, consolidating an understanding of weight and quantity.


In Phonics some children will have looked at sh, ch and th. Others will have consolidated previous learning.  All children will have read individually and/or as part of a group by the end of the week.


In Collective Worship this week we talked about St Francis of Assisi.  Tomorrow, we will continue our work using musical instruments.  Thank you for all your Learning Pool homework this week.  We love sharing it in class.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 19th January

We have had a wonderful week exploring our 'Once upon a time' topic.  The children have focused their learning on 'Little Red Riding Hood' this week.  The children have sequenced the story, acted out the story indoors and outside, made woodland pictures, created houses for Grandma and completed speech bubbles for the different characters.  Some children have also baked cakes for Grandma which we all shared at the end of the day on Friday.  We are planning that all children will bake over the next few weeks in small groups.  This gives the children the opportunity to: explore in detail changes of state; fulfil creative objectives and embed mathematical understanding (e.g.weighing and counting).


In Maths we have focused on our new number - 8. We have also introduced the idea of estimation and looked at different ways of making 8.  Today we told mathematical stories focused on parts and whole.  For example, there were 8 cakes. 2 were butterfly cakes and 6 were not. The children have also ordered Numicon shapes. 


All children will have read to an adult at least once this week by the end of Friday, as part of a Guided Reading group and/or individually.  In phonics some children have been working on blending sounds whilst others have been introduced to y/z and qu. Please try and practise the sounds and the high frequency words in the other book as it really does help.


The children went to the Open the Book assembly this week which they thoroughly enjoyed. In class Collective Worship we focused on the Christ of the Andes statue in South America.  We will also have a noisy music session with lots of percussion instruments in the classroom!  The children were brilliant at stopping and starting when they were meant to.  Earlier in the week, we also had a focus on computing.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 12th January

What a wonderful week focusing on our new topic 'Once upon a time...'!  We have spent the week looking at 'The Three Little Pigs.'  The children have ordered the story; identified and discussed the characters (including pretending to be the characters); worked in the story role play area; drawn/painted pig picture; made houses out of different materials outside and inside; and made pigs from play dough.  Our PE lesson focused on the story too.  The children have also enjoyed threading as a fine motor activity.  


In phonics some children have been consolidating knowledge of existing sounds and some children have been learning new sounds.  These sounds have been stuck in the phonics books for the children who need them. All children have also read to an adult, as part of a guided reading group, individually, or both.


In maths, we have continued to look at number 7 and focused on more and less.  We have also been solving problems.


In Collective Worship we looked at keeping the peace and arguments.  We particularly focused on the story of Abraham and Lot from the Bible.  We have been singing familiar songs such as Rock-a- Bye Baby in Music.  We have also started ICT with the children this week and learnt about the parts of the computer and mouse control.


We loved seeing the Learning Pool homework this week and parents at the parent session on Friday.  Please remember that you are welcome to come into the classroom every Friday morning straight after drop-off.  


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending the 5th January 

Happy New Year!  Thank you again for all your gifts and good wishes over Christmas.  It was lovely to see the children back this week and they have already settled back into school.


This week we have started our new topic about stories.  We have been focusing initially on traditional tales and their characters that the children know such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.  We will begin looking at specific tales next week. Children have begun acting out stories inside and outdoors.  In Music we have started to look at songs the children know such as 'Wind the Bobbin Up' and we will be using instruments over the next few weeks..


We have heard all children read this week.  Please practise reading at home with your child as it really does make a difference to their blending and fluency.  In phonics we have looked at blending sounds the children know and some children have also looked at Letter Names.


In Maths we have begun to look at Number 7, in particular how the number can be made up from other numbers e.g. 5 and 2 make 7.  We have also had a look at number stories using our tens frame.


We have begun to look at our new Collective Worship value which is Peace for this half term and we talked what it means to be peaceful.  Today we read 'Peace at Last.'


You should all have received Learning Pool books with the new homework sheets stuck in (or just the homework sheet if the book was not in school) today.  You will also have received a newsletter this week; as well as a Panto letter.  The new day for the Parent Session is Friday at the same time.  Please come to the classroom when dropping off.  


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 15th December

We can hardly believe that the first term is over for our new Reception class. We are extremely proud of how the children have settled into their first year at Pool School.  


This week has been brilliant!  Children have enjoyed Christmas creative activities, with a particular focus on "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs and the fairy who visited the outdoor area through the fairy door.  They have written to the fairy, given her a name and talked a lot about looking after her.  The fairy also left the children gold coins when they visited the Peace Garden this week.  It was very exciting. 


We had a fun-filled party day with dancing and games, food and Father Christmas on Thursday.  We hope there were not too many mishaps with the fragile presents! We are hoping to put some pictures on Tapestry and/or the Website soon. 


Our Maths this week also had a Christmas Party focus.  It will be 7 after the holidays.  Our phonics focused on words that could be presents for the fairy or in Santa's sack.


Today we went to Church and shared in a whole school singing service where Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1, Reception and Choir sang their Christmas songs.  It was a lovely occasion for our school family.  Thank you to those parents and grandparents who were able to walk with us.


Due to our Christmas activities and production we have not heard all readers this week.  This will resume in the New Year.  We have changed books so all children should have new ones.


Thank you so much for your extremely generous gifts, cards and good wishes. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. We wish you a wonderful, family-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 8th December

We have continued our festive theme this week.  The highlight of which has to be Reception's performances of 'Our Very Own Nativity' on Wednesday.  We loved every minute of it, were very proud of all the children and so glad so many parents and family members could share the performances with us. 


In the classroom we have continued our Christmas theme.  Lots of children have played in the Christmas role play area, ordered Nativity pictures, written letters to Santa and played with the Christmas/Winter themed play dough and small world area...not to mention working hard on our Christmas cards. Children have also made and decorated hats to wear for Christmas lunch and our party next week.Yesterday was our delicious Christmas lunch.  It was enjoyed by all (photos to follow).


In Maths, we have started to look at the number 6.  The children are getting really good at creating a concept table showing 6.  We also made up Christmas Maths stories today.  In phonics we have been practising reading and writing words using our blending and segmenting skills.  As you can imagine, it has been difficult to hear individual readers this week as we have spent a lot of time rehearsing or performing.  We have, however, changed all books that have been read.  Please continue to hear your child read at home and write in their reading record when you have done so.


Next week, is already looking very busy.  Thursday is party day (more info to follow from School Office/Mrs Fox about bringing food).  Children can come in party clothes all day. Please remember than any food you bring needs to be nut-free.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 1st December 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Reception this week!  We had a very icy end to the week too.  We have spent time practising our play songs and will continue to focus on words and actions before our performances on Wednesday (9.30 and 2.45).  If your child has a speaking part, please practise their words with them at home.  You will have received a letter today giving you an opportunity to buy a copy of a filming of the Nativity. 


There was great excitement today when we opened advent calendar for the first time - an online version with a snowy Alpine scene.  We wonder what will be discovered next!  We also got some decorations out and the children will be able to decorate the Christmas tree next week.  We have also made Christmas hats for our Christmas Dinner and begun to create Christmas cards.


In Literacy we looked at the 'Elves and the Shoemaker' story.  The children were fantastic at ordering the story. We have read with all children and continued to focus on blending in phonics.

In Maths we have continued looking at the number 5.  In particular we talked about number stories and understanding parts of numbers.During Collective Worship we continued to talk about courage, and in particular the brave mouse in the Selfish Crocodile story.


We hope to see as many of you as possible at the school Christmas Fair.  


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 24th November 2017


This week, we have continued our 'Dinosaurs' topic, focusing on facts and information. We have looked at how story books are different from non-fiction books. We enjoyed looking at a range of books, talking about how we know about dinosaurs and what happened to them. 


In Maths, we have moved onto the number 5. We gave each other high fives, looked at Numicon 5 and counted 5 objects out together. 


In RE, we talked about babies, linking to the birth of baby of Jesus. We discussed how parents need to choose a name for their baby. Maybe you could tell your child why their name was chosen? Are they named after a relative or someone famous? 


We have read the Bible story 'David and Goliath', discussing our Christian Value of Courage. They children then gave examples of times they have had to show courage. 


In provision, children have been 'paleontologists' digging for bones in the sand, hunting for dinosaurs and using clipboards to record their findings. We have done rubbings of new wood and logs and had the water hoses to play with. We also made some delicious dinosaur footprint shortbread biscuits. 


We have also started rehearsing out Christmas Nativity. Thank you for helping children to learn their lines. Thank you also for the Nativity costumes so far, please ensure others are in school by Wednesday 29th November. 


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 17th November

This week we have continued our Dinosaurs topic.  We have specifically focused on 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants.'  The children have made collage pants, designed their own pants and sounded out words to describe them.  


We have also spent a lot of time outside this week.  The children have explored the muddy holes that were created when a plant was removed, used the new planks that we have taken delivery of (today they were used to make an obstacle course that a lot of the children enjoyed exploring), timed themselves in different ways when running. We have also explored the frost today! Other provision has included:  painting (including with vegetables), dinosaurs and lego in ice, Numicon to explore, threading and dinosaur silhouette pictures.


In Maths we have continued to look at the number 4.  Today we talked about number stories, using characters from Toy Story.  In Phonics we have focused on writing the graphemes we have learnt.  All children have read with an adult at least once.


Everyone should now have a slip about costumes for the Nativity.  Please let us know if you need any help finding items.  We do have some in school.  The singing is going well and the stage goes up on Monday.  We are looking forward to a few busy weeks.


We have also continued to talk about being and good friend and bullying this week. Ask your child what happened when said unkind things to and dropped an apple.  


Thank you so much for your generous donations for Children in Need today.  The children showed a good understanding of why they were in non-uniform and who might need their donations.  


Next week, Mrs Lowe in doing a two-day First Aid course so Mrs Worsnop will be teaching the children all week. She is looking forward to seeing how well the children are doing with the play on her return.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 10th November

What a busy week in Reception!  We have continued our work on dinosaurs.  As part of our Literacy work, the children enjoyed listening to, and discussing 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' books.  They have also made dinosaur masks and stick puppets during Independent Learning Time.  Today, the children found dinosaur footprints in the outside area.  This was a perfect opportunity to use Maths skills such as measuring the length of footprints and thinking about how many footprints it would take to cross the outdoor area.  Children have also made dinosaur eggs out of clay and dinosaur nests to put their eggs in.


A new introduction this week has been our focus on storytelling.  Have a look at Tapestry for more information! This involves staff scribing stories that the children tell and then children acting them our for the class.  The children have been very enthusiastic about this. In Phonics we have focused on blending.  All children have also read to an adult.  Please remember to put a comment in your child's reading record when you hear them read at home.  It helps us to know how they are doing.


In Maths we have introduced the number 4 and explored lots of different ways of experiencing the number e.g. on a clock, on a dice, four legs on a chair.  We have also explored pattern in our group sessions and done some work on shape; exploring shapes with 4 sides and encouraging children to make dinosaurs out of shapes in Independent Learning Time.


We have talked to the children about Remembrance Day this week (during Collective Worship and other sessions).  The children watched an animation about poppies (http;// and we talked about the meaning of Remembrance Day.  Lots of the children were keen to talk about Remembrance Day, war, soldiers and the poppies they were wearing.  We also made a wreath made out poppy hand prints.  You can see this on our classroom window.   In RE we talked about who Jesus was and the Bible.


We have continued singing our songs for our Christmas Nativity and have talked to the children about the story of the Nativity.  Parts and information about costumes will come out in the next week. Today the children performed a different song, Pat-a-Cake for the Year 3 children.  Year 3 children also performed one of their songs for us.


The children have been enjoying their daily run, walk, jog.  We are up to 0.6 miles! We have also had a wonderful time today looking at Learning Pool homework - thank you so much.  Thank you to those parents who came to our Maths session last night.  For those who could not attend, the slides are on our class page.  You can find them in the letters and information section.


We ended today with a play!  Reception children joined Years 1,2,3 and 4 in the Hall to watch and participate in an anti-bullying play called 'Oh No It Isn't! Oh Yes It Is!' This focused on Mr Punch and Judy and had clear messages about how to be a good friend and what bullying is.  The children really enjoyed the play and sat brilliantly for an hour. As next week is Anti-Bullying Week, we will be talking about the issues raised further.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves 


Week ending 3rd November

What a busy week.  Even though it was only a short week, we have packed a lot in.  We introduced our new topic: Dinosaurs! The children discussed what they would like to learn about.  Children have painted dinosaurs, created them from boxes, drawn them with chalk outside, made dinosaur prints using paint, created transient art dinosaurs using objects such as crates and hoops and discussed fact and fiction books.


In phonics, we have been practising blending the sounds we know.  All children have read to an adult at least once this week. In Maths we have continued to focus on the number 3 but particularly focused on less than and mathematical graphics.  Please remember our parent session focused on Maths is next week on Thursday 9th November at 5pm.  We hope to see as many of you as possible for this short meeting.


Courage is our new topic in Collective Worship.  This week we talked about Daniel and the Lions which we understand some children were still talking about at Kingfisher Club and the next day.  It seems to have really sparked imagination!  We also started work on the songs for our Nativity!  The children have made a fantastic start to this.


You will have received a new Learning Pool sheet stuck into your child's book tonight.  If your child did not have a Learning Pool book in school, we have put the sheet in their book bag.  Please feel free to stick this in if your book is at home.


Finally, your child may come home talking about a daily run/jog/walk we do first thing in the morning on a Thursday and Friday.  Last half-term we did a movement play session every Thursday and Friday morning.  This half-term we are trialling a run/jog/walk straight after we have done the register.  Today we managed half a mile!  This was a big improvement on yesterday.  We are aiming to build up to a mile!  Let's see how far we get....


Have a lovely weekend...and enjoy the fireworks if you going to see any!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 20th October

We can't believe that the first half term has been and gone. It has flown by! This week we have looked at the book 'Have you filled your bucket today?' by Carol McCloud. A bucket filler is a loving, caring person who says or does nice things that make other feel special. When you make someone feel special, you are filling a bucket.  The children spent time talking about which behaviours fill someone's bucket and which empty someone's bucket (for example when people are unkind).  They also decorated buckets and drew pictures of the things they do to fill buckets.   


All children have had some reading time with an adult this week.  We have looked at h/b/f/ff/l/ll and ss in phonics. In Maths we have continued to work on number 3 and children have done a counting and more/less activity with an adult.


We are looking forward to next half term and are planning activities based on the children's interests.


Have a wonderful half term break!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 13th October 

We have had a fabulous week!  We started with an Autumn walk where we looked at Autumn colours and collected Autumn resources for the classroom.  Thank you to those parents who helped. 


In phonics we have introduced some new sounds - ck, e, u and r.  You will have these new sounds in your phonics books. Building on our interest in potions and soups, our Literacy work focused on making soup, thinking of ingredients for recipes in our mud kitchen and writing instructions together. 


We have also focused on the number 3 in our Maths lessons.  Today we talked about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and looked at mathematical drawings.  The children had great ideas about how we could show 3 in different ways.


We had a brilliant Outdoor Day on Thursday where all the children made a stick person to take on an adventure with their buddies in the Peace Garden and in the Reception outdoor area.  They also made shelters and homes for them. The children also estimated and then counted leaflets on leaves in Maths and black tar spots.  See if they can tell you about the spotty leaves that Mrs Lowe was showing them.


Our highlight of the week has to be our performance at the Harvest Welcome!  We loved it and I hope you agree that the children performed brilliantly as well as being so grown up when moving into and out of the Hall.  We are very proud of them and cannot believe they have only been at school for a few weeks.  We will be putting some photos on Tapestry so please take a look.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you again for coming to our Harvest Welcome!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 6th October 

What a lovely week we have had!  The children have well and truly embraced the spirit of Autumn, and Harvest in particular.  The children have had the opportunity to explore Autumn objects such as leaves, conkers and other nuts!  We have read 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and looked at rhyming. We have continued to practise for our Harvest Welcome this coming Friday (13th October at 2.15) and the children are looking forward to it!  We will be continuing to look at Autumn next week, starting with our Autumn walk.  Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help.  


We have continued with our phonics and learnt new sounds.  We have now looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k.  All children now have a reading book and it has been a pleasure to share these books with them this week.  Please try and share these books at home - it really makes a difference!  When you share the books, please write a short comment in the record so we know how it has gone at home.  Our number work has continued to focus on the the 'twoness' of two.  Next week we will move onto number 3.  We have also focused on number in the areas of provision e.g. Can you lay the table for two people?  Can you find two of things outside?  


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 29th September

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic, we focused on our families this week and made lollipop stick family portraits.  Some children also made collages of themselves.  This will continue next week.  We have also really enjoyed visiting the Peace Garden with our Year 6 buddies and making our names out of natural resources.


We are getting really good at knowing some of our sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n, m, d) and have started to blend them to make words.  As promised last week, children will bring home their sound books today. It really shows when children have been practising at home so thank you for your support with this.  By the end of today, all children will have a reading book and journal.  Please return these everyday.  Books will be changed once a week.  In Maths, children have been investigating position words like next, above and below using wellies.  They have also been focusing on the number 2 with lots of work about where we find two of things.


Our big news is that we will be planning our Harvest performance next week.  We hope to see as many of you as possible on the afternoon of Friday 13th October (further details on the whole school newsletter) and you are in for a treat if we continue to sing as well as we have this week. 


Thank you to those parents who have started to put things on Tapestry.  We love hearing about what your child has been doing.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 22nd September

We have had another busy week in Reception.  The children started the week by reading 'Funny Bones'.   They have since focused on their bodies, including drawing round them and naming body parts, looking at x-rays and making faces out of play dough.  


We have also started our phonics work and have looked at 's,a,t,p'.  Children will come home with a book to practise the sounds we have been learning next week.  This is really useful if done at home and helps in class.  Please return the sound book everyday as we will be sticking in new sounds as we learn them.  


In Maths, we are introducing a number a week to ensure the children have a very solid understanding of number.  This week focused on 1.  Through this approach we will look at different concepts such as more and less than, doubling/halving, addition/subtraction as the weeks go on.  This learning will also be accompanied by problem solving activities in smaller groups.  We will be holding a Maths workshop this term to provide more information about our approach to Maths.


The children have also been learning new songs in music; had a PE lesson and we have talked about the Creation Story from the Bible in Collective Worship. 


Thank you to all those parents and children who have sent in their Learning Pool homework this week.  We love sharing it in class. It would be lovely to know from you what your child talks about after school so please do let us know either in person or through Tapestry.

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Stoves and Mrs Morris.

Week ending 15th September

We have had a brilliant week getting to know the children, their interests and what they can do. The children have impressed us with their ability to find their carpet spaces and listen and contribute on the carpet.  We started the week by looking at the book 'Once there were giants' and talked about growing up.  We will continue looking at this over the next few weeks - focusing on ourselves and our bodies. We have also started a new music topic called 'Me!' and introduced our whole school Christian Value 'Creativity' by talking about how we need to look after our Earth. Children have also done some mark making to record what they enjoy doing, either at school or home.  We are looking forward to seeing the Learning Pool homework next week.  Please send any homework in with your child on Thursday 22nd.  Also please send in named wellies if you have not already done so.


It has been a very busy week!  Have a super weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.

Our First Week!

We have had a super first week, playing and making new friends.  All the children have explored the classroom and outdoor area and we are enjoying getting to know them!  They may mention that they have been playing 'Bug in a Rug' to get to know each others names, singing lots and listening to lots of stories.  The children have also enjoyed getting to know their buddies and playing with them at lunchtime.  In your child's book bag you will find their Learning Pool homework book as mentioned in the newsletter.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about this or anything else.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves