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Week ending 20th October

We can't believe that the first half term has been and gone. It has flown by! This week we have looked at the book 'Have you filled your bucket today?' by Carol McCloud. A bucket filler is a loving, caring person who says or does nice things that make other feel special. When you make someone feel special, you are filling a bucket.  The children spent time talking about which behaviours fill someone's bucket and which empty someone's bucket (for example when people are unkind).  They also decorated buckets and drew pictures of the things they do to fill buckets.   


All children have had some reading time with an adult this week.  We have looked at h/b/f/ff/l/ll and ss in phonics. In Maths we have continued to work on number 3 and children have done a counting and more/less activity with an adult.


We are looking forward to next half term and are planning activities based on the children's interests.


Have a wonderful half term break!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 13th October 

We have had a fabulous week!  We started with an Autumn walk where we looked at Autumn colours and collected Autumn resources for the classroom.  Thank you to those parents who helped. 


In phonics we have introduced some new sounds - ck, e, u and r.  You will have these new sounds in your phonics books. Building on our interest in potions and soups, our Literacy work focused on making soup, thinking of ingredients for recipes in our mud kitchen and writing instructions together. 


We have also focused on the number 3 in our Maths lessons.  Today we talked about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and looked at mathematical drawings.  The children had great ideas about how we could show 3 in different ways.


We had a brilliant Outdoor Day on Thursday where all the children made a stick person to take on an adventure with their buddies in the Peace Garden and in the Reception outdoor area.  They also made shelters and homes for them. The children also estimated and then counted leaflets on leaves in Maths and black tar spots.  See if they can tell you about the spotty leaves that Mrs Lowe was showing them.


Our highlight of the week has to be our performance at the Harvest Welcome!  We loved it and I hope you agree that the children performed brilliantly as well as being so grown up when moving into and out of the Hall.  We are very proud of them and cannot believe they have only been at school for a few weeks.  We will be putting some photos on Tapestry so please take a look.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you again for coming to our Harvest Welcome!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 6th October 

What a lovely week we have had!  The children have well and truly embraced the spirit of Autumn, and Harvest in particular.  The children have had the opportunity to explore Autumn objects such as leaves, conkers and other nuts!  We have read 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and looked at rhyming. We have continued to practise for our Harvest Welcome this coming Friday (13th October at 2.15) and the children are looking forward to it!  We will be continuing to look at Autumn next week, starting with our Autumn walk.  Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help.  


We have continued with our phonics and learnt new sounds.  We have now looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k.  All children now have a reading book and it has been a pleasure to share these books with them this week.  Please try and share these books at home - it really makes a difference!  When you share the books, please write a short comment in the record so we know how it has gone at home.  Our number work has continued to focus on the the 'twoness' of two.  Next week we will move onto number 3.  We have also focused on number in the areas of provision e.g. Can you lay the table for two people?  Can you find two of things outside?  


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 29th September

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic, we focused on our families this week and made lollipop stick family portraits.  Some children also made collages of themselves.  This will continue next week.  We have also really enjoyed visiting the Peace Garden with our Year 6 buddies and making our names out of natural resources.


We are getting really good at knowing some of our sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n, m, d) and have started to blend them to make words.  As promised last week, children will bring home their sound books today. It really shows when children have been practising at home so thank you for your support with this.  By the end of today, all children will have a reading book and journal.  Please return these everyday.  Books will be changed once a week.  In Maths, children have been investigating position words like next, above and below using wellies.  They have also been focusing on the number 2 with lots of work about where we find two of things.


Our big news is that we will be planning our Harvest performance next week.  We hope to see as many of you as possible on the afternoon of Friday 13th October (further details on the whole school newsletter) and you are in for a treat if we continue to sing as well as we have this week. 


Thank you to those parents who have started to put things on Tapestry.  We love hearing about what your child has been doing.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 22nd September

We have had another busy week in Reception.  The children started the week by reading 'Funny Bones'.   They have since focused on their bodies, including drawing round them and naming body parts, looking at x-rays and making faces out of play dough.  


We have also started our phonics work and have looked at 's,a,t,p'.  Children will come home with a book to practise the sounds we have been learning next week.  This is really useful if done at home and helps in class.  Please return the sound book everyday as we will be sticking in new sounds as we learn them.  


In Maths, we are introducing a number a week to ensure the children have a very solid understanding of number.  This week focused on 1.  Through this approach we will look at different concepts such as more and less than, doubling/halving, addition/subtraction as the weeks go on.  This learning will also be accompanied by problem solving activities in smaller groups.  We will be holding a Maths workshop this term to provide more information about our approach to Maths.


The children have also been learning new songs in music; had a PE lesson and we have talked about the Creation Story from the Bible in Collective Worship. 


Thank you to all those parents and children who have sent in their Learning Pool homework this week.  We love sharing it in class. It would be lovely to know from you what your child talks about after school so please do let us know either in person or through Tapestry.

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Stoves and Mrs Morris.

Week ending 15th September

We have had a brilliant week getting to know the children, their interests and what they can do. The children have impressed us with their ability to find their carpet spaces and listen and contribute on the carpet.  We started the week by looking at the book 'Once there were giants' and talked about growing up.  We will continue looking at this over the next few weeks - focusing on ourselves and our bodies. We have also started a new music topic called 'Me!' and introduced our whole school Christian Value 'Creativity' by talking about how we need to look after our Earth. Children have also done some mark making to record what they enjoy doing, either at school or home.  We are looking forward to seeing the Learning Pool homework next week.  Please send any homework in with your child on Thursday 22nd.  Also please send in named wellies if you have not already done so.


It has been a very busy week!  Have a super weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.

Our First Week!

We have had a super first week, playing and making new friends.  All the children have explored the classroom and outdoor area and we are enjoying getting to know them!  They may mention that they have been playing 'Bug in a Rug' to get to know each others names, singing lots and listening to lots of stories.  The children have also enjoyed getting to know their buddies and playing with them at lunchtime.  In your child's book bag you will find their Learning Pool homework book as mentioned in the newsletter.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about this or anything else.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves