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Weekly Maths

Autumn 1. Week 1

This week we have begun to think about place value. We have also learned how to calculate perimeter by measuring accurately and adding up carefully!


Autumn 1. Week 2

This week we will continue to calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes with straight edges and we will also learn how to calculate the area of rectilinear shapes as  well. We will continue our place value work, by reading and writing numbers up to 1 million and also look at partitioning numbers. 


Autumn 1. Week 3

This week we will look at comparing and ordering numbers up to a million and consolidating our place value work. We will continue to solve challenges  involving area and perimeter and in our STOPS lessons will revise how to use a bar model to help to solve mathematical problems.


Autumn 1. Week 4

This week we will look at counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10. We will  find the missing lengths of rectilinear shapes and then solve area and perimeter problems as well as continuing to use bar modelling in our STOPS lesson.