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Class Photos

We worked in teams to become designers, architects and builders. We worked really hard to create our buildings and we presented them to the rest of the class. We got a treat for our fantastic work from Mr Flannery's building company for our fabulous work.

We played leaf snap. It was lots of fun!

Our lovely leaf animals! Can you tell what type of animals we have created?

Many of us wanted to find out more about our local post office. We learnt lots about how the food is ordered and how we post a parcel. Thanks, Gary and Paula!

Some of us were interested in finding out how to make people better as that is what we would like to do as a job when we are older so we visited the pharmacy. We visited Colin at Pool Pharmacy and he taught us lots about different types of medicine and showed us how prescription labels are made.Thank you, Colin.

Some of us chose to find out more about how cars are sold. Thank you for teaching us all about the different cars and your job, Mark!

Our interview with, Amir. He is the Petrol station manager at Shell Garage. We learnt lots of new information. Thanks, Amir!