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Week ending 9th November

Our first week back has been a week focused on festivals and celebrations.  The children started the week by focusing on Bonfire Night.  They have created bonfire pictures, bonfires using natural resources and designed and written bonfire posters in their writing books.  Children have also focused on Diwali, designing their own Rangoli patterns.  On Thursday, we started to look at Remembrance Day, and why people wear poppies.  We looked at a poem called 'Poppy, Poppy' and also watched and discussed the cbeebies video 'Poppies' which is available on iplayer if you would like to share it with your child.  Children have created poppies using all sorts of resources: playdough, stones and paint, paper, felt and straws.  It has been lovely to see the variety in their creations.  This work has also linked to our new Collective Worship value for the half-term: Peace.


In Maths we have focused on the number 5.  In particular we have looked at composition: how 5 is made up/the numbers inside 5 e.g. 4 and 1, 2 and 2 and 1.  Our group maths activity has asked children to investigate and record different ways of making 5.  


In phonics children have been learning new sounds or reinforcing sounds they already know.  All sound books have been updated to reflect the complete list of Phase 2 sounds so please practise at home.  This helps in all sorts of ways: reading and writing.  


Children have also been using a mouse to draw a picture on the computer; exploring houses and homes in RE and we will be singing and using instruments again this afternoon in Music. Learning Pool homework books are being returned tonight with activities for this half-term.


The children have done brilliantly at lining up in the morning! Thank you for your support with this!


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves



Week ending 25th October

We have had a lovely last week of this half term.  We are so impressed with how the children have settled into school and all the independent learning that they have undertaken in their first half-term.  We are so proud of them, and their perseverance!


We continued to look at Owl Babies this week.  The class worked on a story map together and then created their own to retell the story during group sessions.  We have also looked at the habitat of owls, including in the Peace Garden.  We have also read other stories about owls and acted as owls outside.


All children have read to an adult and will have a new reading book for the holidays.  In phonics some children have consolidated sounds learnt and others have learnt 'h' and 'b'.  The sounds learnt so far, and some extra ones that will be covered early next half term, should be in your child's red sound book.  If your child's book has not been returned, this is because we need to make sure the book has all the sounds covered.  Our Phase 2 phonics sounds are on the sound mat sent home after the reading workshop also.


In Maths we have looked at number 4, including the composition of 4 (4 and 0, 3 and 1, 2 and 2 etc.).  We will look at 5 after half term and spend lots more time on composition.  We have also done a lot of daily counting, including votes for reading books when the children come to school each day.


As it is Black History Month, we talked about Martin Luther King during Collective Worship.  This was inspired by the children's interest in Stevie Wonder in Music last week when we ended up talking about black famous people.


We hope you have a wonderful half-term holiday and we look forward to lots more funfilled learning next half-term.

Best wishes

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves





Week ending 19th October

It has been a fantastic week in Reception and a pleasure to talk about your wonderful children at Parents' Evening this week.  Thank you so much for all your support!


Our focus this week has been on the story 'Owl Babies'.  This will continue next week as the children have been so engaged in the topic.  They have listened to the story, retold it and acted it out.  The children have also created their own owls and nests using a wide range of resources (both inside and outside) and used puppet owls to perform a puppet show of the story.  Some children have also created their own 'Owl Babies' books which have been a pleasure to share with the children.


In Maths we have continued with the number 3 and specifically looked at repeating patterns (also our teacher led activity for the week), and how numbers are made up e.g. 3 has a 2 and a 1 in it.  We have also used 'Owl Babies' to begin to look at parts and wholes e.g. I can see 2 owls sitting and 1 owl standing.  There are 3 altogether. Two is a part and one is a part; three is the whole.'


In Phonics some children have been revisiting sounds learnt so far and others have moved onto 'ck', 'e', 'u' and 'r'.  All children who have been here will have read with an adult by the end of the week. In RE we talked about people who were special to us and in Collective Worship we talked about Simon Peter and how Jesus forgave him when he said he didn't know him.  


Following our training last Friday, we introduced our indoor Movement Area to the children.  Here we will work with a couple of children at a time on freeflow movement activities that are so important as part of their physical development.  It proved very popular!


Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week for the last week of the half term!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves


Week ending 11th October

It has been a short but lovely week in Reception!  The children have well and truly embraced the spirit of Autumn, and Harvest in particular.  We have read 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' and 'Up, Down and Around' (about vegetables), created a large scarecrow and smaller ones and printed with vegetables!  Today we went to the school Harvest Festival and showed off our vegetable printing.  The children were fantastic. We are very proud of them and cannot believe they have only been at school for a few weeks.  We hope you liked seeing the Harvest work the children had done if you were able to pop into school.


We have continued with our phonics and you will have received the new sounds in your child's sounds book if they have been sent into school (g,o,c,k).  All children now have a reading book and it has been a pleasure to share these books with them this week.  Please try and share these books at home - it really makes a difference!  We have started looking at the number 3 in Maths and children have drawn their version of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.  Children have also had the opportunity to balance, estimate and compare Autumn resources in class.  Children may mention that they have been using numbered pots to tidy up.  This is to encourage practical counting.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the extra day with your children!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 5th October 

What a lovely week we have had!  The children have well and truly embraced the spirit of Autumn.  The children have had the opportunity to explore Autumn objects such as leaves, conkers and other nuts!  Our Literacy text this week, 'Little Acorns', focused on seasons, changes and asked the children to focus on how particular words were written in the text e.g. 'stretching' was spread out and 'crinkly' was orange and bumpy.  Thank you to those parents/carers who accompanied us on the Autumn walk.  We had a lovely time and have followed up in class.  On Thursday, a number of the children created a huge transient art tree with Autumn resources and then role played being squirrels burying nuts...there were also a few foxes!  It was wonderful to see the children working together in this way.


We have continued with our phonics and learnt new sounds.  We have now looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d.  All children now have a reading book and it has been a pleasure to share these books with them this week.  Please try and share these books at home - it really makes a difference!  When you share the books, please write a short comment in the record so we know how it has gone at home.  Our number teaching has continued to focus on the the 'twoness' of two, looking at where 2 is on a numberline, pattern and composition (that 2 is made up of 2 ones.  Next week we will move onto number 3.  We have also focused on number in the areas of provision e.g. encouraging children to estimate Autumn objects and dots on leaves, playing games where children have to subitise, count and add and making tidy up time more mathematical.  More on this on Thurs 11th October at our Maths Parent session at 3.40 and 5.30.  Hope you can join us!  Next Thursday is also our Harvest drop-in.  Please come and see what the children have created in the Hall between 2.30 and 3.30.


The children have also enjoyed talking about what makes them special in RE; finding out the parts of the computer in Technology; listening to the story of Jonathan and David in Collective Worship; learning songs and playing instruments in Music and feeling calm with Mindfulness activities.  It has been a busy week!



We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 28th September

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic last week, we focused on our families and made lollipop stick family portraits.  Children also made collages of themselves.  This week we have looked at rhyming, with a particular focus on the book 'My cat likes to hide in boxes' by Lindley Dodd.  The children have also matched rhyming pictures and filled in rhyming words in nursery rhymes that had been snipped out by a naughty crab!


This week, we also started our Phonics sessions that focused on sounds (s,a,t, p) and have started to blend them to make words.  Children have also practised writing the sounds using precursive writing.  Children brought home their sound books today (Thursday). It really shows when children have been practising at home so thank you for your support with this.  By the end of Friday, all children will have a reading book and journal.  Please return the sound book and reading book and journal everyday.  Books will be changed once a week. 


In Maths, children have been focusing on the number 2 with lots of work about where we find two of things, subitising (more on this at our maths session for parents) and counting lots.  In Collective Worship we read 'Puff the Magic Dragon' and talked about Friendship.  We also did our first daily run on Thursday....we are building up to a mile...and practised our listening skills through guided meditation!  


Thank you to those parents who have been looking at Tapestry.  We love hearing about what your child has been doing so please add your own activities too.  Please do come to our parent sessions that you received a letter about this week so that we can share what and how your child/ren will be learning this year. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves

Week ending 14th September

We have had a brilliant week getting to know the children, their interests and what they can do. The children have impressed us with their ability to find their carpet spaces and listen and contribute on the carpet.  We started the week by looking at the book 'Once there were giants' and talked about growing up.  We will continue looking at this next week - focusing on ourselves and our bodies. We have also started a new music topic called 'Me!' and introduced our whole school Christian Value 'Friendship' by talking about what makes a good friend.  Rev Wheeler visited Reception and introduced mediation to the class - the children were amazingly still and quiet.


Children have also done some mark making of their choice and visited the Peace Garden with their buddies.  In Maths we have been looking at comparison e.g. which has more or the same.  We have also been singing number songs.  


We are looking forward to seeing the Learning Pool homework next week.  Please send any homework in with your child on Thursday 20th September (Learning Pool books will go out today).  Also please send in named wellies and PE kits if you have not already done so.


It has been a very busy week!  Have a super weekend!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves.

This page is updated on a weekly basis to provide parents/carers with information about what has been happening in Reception.

Our First Week!

We have had a super first week, playing and making new friends.  All the children have settled brilliantly and we are very proud of them!  They have spent a lot of time exploring the indoor and outdoor areas; played games; listened to stories and done lots of singing.  The children have also enjoyed getting to know their buddies.  If you have any boxes, tubes or other items that could be used for box modelling, we would be grateful to receive them!  

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stoves