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31.1.19- Maths and Writing Targets 

Your child now has a Maths and Reading Target that we have discussed and shared together . These are placed in the front of their Maths and Writing Book and will be monitored regularly to provide your child with the next steps to their learning. The targets given are taken from the Year 1 Learning Objectives that can be found below.  

28.1.19- Reading Targets

Attached below are the Reading targets that are stuck in the back of your child's reading record. The targets can be used to support your child further when reading at home.


Thank you 



To support your child further in their phonics please go to the Phonics section of the website for lots of game and resources.


Maths objectives are updated weekly in the Maths section with examples and ideas to talk to your child at home. You can also find the Maths Facts if you feel that your child is ready to practise another Maths fact. 


Please find the Year 1 Objectives attached below. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and see the Year 1 teaching team.


Thank you 


Handwriting in Year One 

We have started to introduce pupils to the pre- cursive style of handwriting. I have attached our handwriting policy that outlines the order that the letters are taught. I have also attached various resources if you would like to practise at home. As you have seen spellings are sent home that model the letter formation. Please feel free to ask any questions if you would like further support.

Thank you. 



Thank you all for your support in helping your child and myself settle into the new school year, I really appreciate it. I hope the newsletter sent out last week provided you with enough information to answer any questions. I thought I would just go through a few routines with you, please see below. We are slowly building our new routines into the week so please bear with us whilst we do this. 


Reading Books

I will hear your child read once a week during a Guided Reading session starting from next week. We will aim to hear your child read individually at least once a week but will ask your child each day if their book needs changing. Please just ask or remind me if your child forgets to ask to change their book. Thank you.


Reading Targets

The Year 1 Reading Targets have been stuck in the back of your child's Reading Record. You can use these to help support your child with their reading.


Maths Facts

Your child has a set day that their Maths Facts will be tested. If for some reason or another this isn't done on the day said will will aim to do it the next day or by the end of the week. Year One don't start Times Tables Rock stars until Year 2 as our main focus is gaining confidence with the Year One Maths Facts. 


Please just ask if you have any questions or I can support you in any way.


Thank you