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Class Homework

Spellings 28/02/19 oa/o_e, dge

Learning Pool Spring Two- India

31/09/10 Silent letters

17/01/19- sh, ci, ti

Moon diary to accompany Learning Pool

Spellings 8.11.19 Soft C Hard C/ Soft G Hard G

Learning Pool Spring 2019

6.12.18- Christmas spellings!

Spellings 29/11/18- air

15.11.18 Spellings ur er ir

Learning Pool Autumn Two- Nocturnal Animals

Autumn Two 6/11/18 ue ew u_e

Spellings - 18/10/18 Revision of the sounds we have learnt this half term

Autumn One Week Six aw/or

Spellings- ee, e_e, ey, y 06/09/18