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Celebrations and Headteacher Awards

Every week we look forward to celebrating the efforts of our wonderful pupils! Parents are invited to share this special time.


Spring Term 2018


02/03/18 - Amazing ambassadors for Pool:

Y6 - Lauren and Bradley

Y5 - Isabelle and Abigail

Y4 - Ryan and Emily

Y3 - Cherry and Millie

Y2 - Harriet and Oliver

Y1 - Maria and Michael


02/02/18 - February Fantastics:

Y6 - Thomas and Sienna

Y5 - Archie and Charlie B

Y4 - Sophie 

Y3 - Lorelei and Archie

Y2 - The whole class!


26/01/18 - We're so proud of these ones:

Y6 - Ellie and Flora

Y5 - Oliver and Joshua D

Y4 - Dylan and Lily

Y3 - Evie and Isobel

Y2 - Chloe C and Martha E

Y1 - Theo and Zak


19/01/18 - Amazing ambassadors for Pool School:

Y6 - Millie and Kyle

Y5 - Anya and Evan

Y4 - Callum and Jess

Y3 - Alissia and George

Y2 - Christian and Nell

Y1 - Oskar and Tessa


12/01/18 - A spring in their step in this new year:

Y6 - Louie and James

Y5 - Sophie, Kiran and Joshua S

Y4 - Holly and Abaan

Y3 - Cleo and Toby

Y2 - Oscar and Laila

Y1 - Emily and Isaac



Autumn Term 2017


17/11/17 - All of these amazing:

Y6 - Martha and Jack W

Y5 - Bessie and Leah

Y4 - James and Lucy

Y3 - Ibrahim and Georgie

Y2 - Caitlyn, Tilly and Isabella P

Y1 - Sophie B and Lola


20/10/17 - What wonderful ones!

Y6 - Fred and Hannah

Y5 - Emily A and Grace D

Y4 - Florence and Tom

Y3 - Jacob and Alfie 

Y2 - Toby and Isabella P

Y1 - Musayb and Charlie


06/10/17 - Superstars ahoy are:

Y6 - Henri and Will 

Y5 - Grace N and Isaac

Y4 - Jenson and Anja

Y3 - Ella and Matthew

Y2 - Effie

Y1 - Rosie and George


29/09/17 - Our Autumnal Angels are:

Y6 - Oliver and Ashton

Y5 - Tilly and Charlie B

Y4 - Emma and Ryan

Y3 - Margarita and Billy

Y2 - Ethan and Sophie

Y1 - Sofia and Molly


22/09/17 - Brilliant buddies this week:

Y6 - Izzy and Jack H

Y5 - Grace C and Jasmine

Y4 - Dan and Pixie

Y3 - Olivia and Thomas

Y2 - Eva and Tom

Y1 - Grace and Joel


15/09/17 - A super-dooper start for these stars:

Y6 - Oscar and Nathan

Y5 - Milly and Charlie W

Y4 - Megan and Sophie

Y3 - William H and Thea

Y2 - Bella and Nicola

Y1 - Eben and Joshua